Are You a Keeper or a Trader?

Are You a Keeper or a Trader?

Just curious: How long do you think you'll keep your Model S? Will you trade up to a newer model in a few years? Keep it as long as it's running well? Wait and see?

I'm hoping that this is the last car I ever buy, but then at my age, I don't buy green bananas.

gasnomo | April 5, 2013

I'm hoping, with software updates and the eventually battery replacement option to keep mine for a long, long time...hopefully its the car I give my 8 year old when she gets her license!

brett.padgett | April 5, 2013

Keep. We keep our cars for about 10 years. The Model S will be replacing our 2003 Nissan Murano.

ramtaz | April 5, 2013


tylerhen | April 5, 2013

With the personal relationship that develops with the MS, it would be like trading a kid away. I can't see parting ways with it...oh yeah, and I don't even have it yet, I take delivery in 2 weeks.

riceuguy | April 5, 2013

I've never made it through a 3 year lease, but I expect to keep it for about 6-8 years.

Wayne3 | April 5, 2013

Kept my last car 15 years. Will likely keep this one for 8-10 years. You can get a much nicer car amortizing over 10 years. Seems obvious, but if the choice is between a new $30K car every 3 years and a new $90K car every 9 years, I'm taking the latter.

herkimer | April 5, 2013

I am with you. Hope it lasts the rest of my life.

Few things are built to last, in the modern world of commerce, but I have a feeling that the Model S will last.

I don't see the need for a new style, and this car seems to have pretty much all I need. I am thinking that I will have to replace the battery after 8 or 10 years, but hoping there will be continuation as well as development and improvement, so that the new battery can be installed on the S and away we go another for 10 years!

I see no reason why it should not out-last any other ICE car: seems to me that the maintenance cost of the Model S is likely to remain consistently low, even with high mileage on the odometer.
And with periodic upgrades via electronic download, it will probably only get more useful and cost effective over time.

When you think of the things that wear out most in an ICE car: transmission, belts and pumps, etc; many of these parts don't even exist on a Model S.

Seems to me that the cost to own a Tesla Model S will only get lower year after year, until the Model S will be the most cost effective car on the road!

I am betting on that.

But then ... I like to take care of things and make them last.

trydesky | April 5, 2013

Keeper. I've kept all my other car approx 10 years, and they were average cars. I just hope a battery pack cost less in 10 years.

Neech | April 5, 2013

I plan to keep it for a long time. I still can't believe I am paying this much for a new car, so it will probably be a good 10 years before I can justify buying another one. I'm about to e-sign my final purchase agreement and might need a drink afterwards ;-]

I know I will be grinning in 2 or 3 weeks when my S finally gets here and all will be good again.

MS-lover | April 5, 2013

keeper, till the wheels fall off

Sudre_ | April 5, 2013

I want the 500 mile battery (actual 350-460 miles) so I will be trading this baby in when battery tech improves. Tesla says you will not be able to upgrade to a larger battery in the future. If they change that I might just upgrade the battery.

jbunn | April 5, 2013

Keep. Ice went 220000 and 14 years. Gave it to my kid. Plan on keeping this for 10 to 15. Perhaps last car. Not a bad way to go.

torst1 | April 5, 2013

I will trade as soon as there is an AWD version of the model S.
Or maybe if I like the X better I will trade for an X. I don't see much point in making this my final car. But then my ex wife used to ask me "will you ever grow up?" In which there is only one true answer - hopefully no. And what do we boys like the most? New toys. And if it moves faster, drive better or looks better who can really say no?

Captain_Zap | April 5, 2013

I keep my cars as long as it is possible. I bond with my cars. I have a hard time finding cars that I really enjoy so I don't tend to stray. I try to buy timeless styles that are built to last.

Besides, I hate car payments!

Brian H | April 5, 2013

OT warning. In the event you outlast some of your bananas, here's a neat vegan trick I read and tried (several times). Let them go fully black, and freeze. Run warm water over them to loosen the skin, then chop and blenderize. Instant ice cream; chocolate or any other flavoring if desired works good.

DouglasR | April 5, 2013

Plus you don't need any teeth to eat them!

cb9 | April 5, 2013

@"Brian H"
What have you done with the *real* Brian H?
Surely you mean it works well.. ;)

MGlasfeld | April 5, 2013

Trader - which is odd, because I keep everything else: my previous daily driver with 420,000 miles, a 62 year old car in my family since new, another one I bought new 21 years ago, two boats both close to 100 years old each,, same bride as I started with...I think that my MS is, in addition to simply having a great car, a way to access that which is fascinating, top notch, and out front. I've never been the guy needing the latest and greatest, but, I found myself a tad frustrated that I had just missed out on the Performance Plus package.

I suspect that there will be enough improvements in three years, above and beyond software updates, that I'll be hungry for a 2016 Model S. It'll also be fun to study and learn about the car all over again. I'll take good care of my current P85 for the next owner, maybe my kids....

Brian H | April 5, 2013

Deliberate use of casual colloquialism. Seems to convey the taste better.

KendallPB | April 5, 2013

I had my first car 10 years and my second one 12.5 years. I hope to keep the Model S even longer. I don't believe it throwing away/selling things. I still have my iPhone 3GS (I know, crazy!), which I only bought because I'd damaged my old PalmOS phone a little too much. (shrug) ;-) I keep hoping the iPhone dies so I can get a new one, but I won't (purposely) hurry the process, and same with the car.

kashiraja | April 5, 2013

I kept my previous car for almost 13 years. I hope I can keep my MS for perhaps about the same time. I'm hoping the batteries might actually last as long as 12 years. But maybe by that time if all goes well batteries will have 120 kWh capacity and cost $5,000!??

djm12 | April 6, 2013

Most likely 10-12 years - my wife is going on 14 years for her BMW now. She loves not having a monthly car payment.

StefanT | April 6, 2013

My previous vehicles I have kept for about 10 years and sold them with anywhere from 220k to 350k miles; yes my commute is long. I hope to do the same with my S but it will depend on how easy the car is to work on and how much work it needs when the mileage gets up there.

highfalutintodd | April 6, 2013

For this much money, it damn well better be a keeper. ;-)

elguapo | April 6, 2013

Absolute keeper. When I actually take delivery in May. Current car is 10 years old.

gagliardilou | April 6, 2013

Keeper and pass down to kids

DouglasR | April 10, 2013

It seems like the vast majority responding so far are keepers. Yet I wonder whether new options (e.g. parking sensors), performance package, improved batteries, etc. will cause that old itch to return. Apple certainly gets its customers to abandon a perfectly good phone every couple of years in order to own the latest and greatest. Is the Model S just a more expensive iPhone? The new finance package does appear to be aimed at the traders among us.

Captain_Zap | April 10, 2013

I am hoping that Tesla has a higher calling and a strategic plan that is superior to planned obsolescence.

eAdopter | April 10, 2013

DouglasR, I think we met in Bellevue last Sunday. You've go at least 40 more good years ;)

For me, I usually keep cars 10-15 years as long as parts remain available. For TM cars, I think parts availability is a more significant concern beyond mainstream cars.

I begin saving for my next car each time I purchase a new one. Save/invest $500 per month and I can pay cash for a new luxury car every 10-12 years. I hope TM survives that long so my next car can also be from TM.

Aleksandyr | April 10, 2013

Can't wait for the new roadster!! depends on whether I can talk my wife into an X. But I can't imagine that she will pass it up. So I'm hoping to keep this one until 2015-16. I am already bummed they have a performance plus! Can't justify the retrofit

DouglasR | April 10, 2013

eAdopter, from your mouth to God's ears!

Mireille and Conan | April 10, 2013

After waiting almost four years and absolutely falling in love, how can we not keep her?
The MS replaced our oldest car w/ 230,000+ miles and our keeper ICE has 270,000+ miles. Currently, we're at 7,000 and counting w/the MS.

Brian H | April 10, 2013

I think people conflate two issues: planned obsolescence and planned decreptitude. Obsolescence occurs because of technology advance; decrepitude occurs because of of flimsy components. Energy Star appliances are supreme exploiters of the latter. Ask any independent serviceman.

Brian H | April 10, 2013

typo: ... because of flimsy ...

petero | April 10, 2013

Trader (traitor). The MS is by far the best car I have ever had, not necessarily the most fun… simply the best. In about 5 years I will take a good look at the Gen III, truth be told the MS is a bit large for my needs and taste.

PureAmps | April 10, 2013

I normally buy my cars and drive them for at least 10 years. With two cars staggered properly, that's a new car every 5 years. :)

However, I will most likely replace my Model S sooner rather than later. I want to see more Teslas on the road, and the pre-owned market is the most affordable option for many people. So if there is a compelling version 1.5 or 2.0, I will probably upgrade and trade-in my current vehicle in 3-5 years.

Brian H | April 11, 2013

Sell it direct, for cheap. I volunteer to be the buyer.

dstiavnicky | April 11, 2013

Trader. When they add AWD or convertible... of course with more power than the current performance, and heated steering, and parking sensors...

Or I could keep and add the Tesla Supercar to the family...

jillalameda | April 11, 2013

You guys KNOW you will wind up replacing when new and better gadgets get added to later incarnations. You may not think so now, but you will.

I'm a keeper, though (not that concerned about whistles and bells - just want a beautiful, environmentally friendly, well-performing car). This is my third car: I kept the first one 12 years and just sold my other after 13 years.

village33 | April 11, 2013

Keeper plus an X if all goes well.