Backup Camera / Bird's Eye View

Backup Camera / Bird's Eye View

Will the Model X comes with backup camera or even the bird's eye view display which helps parking maneuver? With the assumed standard large tablet display, aftermarket add-on parts and installation is almost impossible.

NumberOne | July 7, 2014

Model X, just like Model S, will come standard with a backup camera. We will soon learn all of the details.

danielcleung | July 7, 2014

Thanks. I believe the engineers and designers do get comment summary from this forum and will be a factor in their decision making on what should be included in their final product.

Czech | July 8, 2014

Some form of back up assits will be standard on all cars as of I believe 2015 or 2016 anyway whether its sensors or a camera. But I would be amazed if Tesla did not put a camera standard.

Roamer@AZ USA | July 8, 2014


Roamer@AZ USA | July 8, 2014


runonmd1 | July 8, 2014

But, as long as you're going to do it, PULEEEEZE configure it with dynamic turn lines!

Why is it that, though it's true that Tesla is unique in many ways, it lacks many features included in cars perhaps one third its cost?


Brian H | July 10, 2014

Timing, and priorities. The perfect is the enemy of the good.