Battery life

Battery life

I notice that the 60 kWh battery has an 8 year or 125,000 warranty.... but I was wondering what is the maximum battery life on the vehicle? Is it the 8 years covered by the warranty or should I expect more?... and when it comes to changing the battery, how much will that cost me?

Brian H | April 13, 2013

Nobody knows, but the engineers privately expect about double the warranty life. Depends what you mean by "life"; at 70% degradation a 85kWh battery is almost exactly the same as a new 60kWh, and is past the bulk of the capacity loss.

Brian H | April 13, 2013

Correction, at 30% degradation (to 70% capacity) ...

Mpierson | April 13, 2013


wonder | April 15, 2013

Interesting thought ..., depending upon how a 60 kWh is limited to provide 40 kWh suppose expected life of 40 could be more than otherwise may have been if battery pack had actually gotten into production.

Brian H | April 15, 2013

Taking the number of cycles as fixed (full 0-full = 1 cycle), one would expect the 60-pretending-to-be-40 to last 50% longer!