A BMW i3 owner is blogging his financial analysis of net cost vs ICE

A BMW i3 owner is blogging his financial analysis of net cost vs ICE

A BMW i3 owner is doing financial analysis of his net cost vs ICE. The difference is an eye-opener. It should be easy to convert his numbers for Model S owners. Add the time-shifting possibility with the Tesla stationary storage.


Brian H | April 2, 2015

He cheated and rolled in a solar installation!

speyerj | April 2, 2015

I wish my solar install had been that cheap! Though I know prices have come down in the last 5 years and California is very solar friendly. As an aside, our 5.3kW system makes about 5500 kWh a year here in Washington state.

Also by my math, which is very rough, would show a Tesla would get about 14,000 miles out of 4750 kWh (4750/85 = 56 fill ups of an 85kW pack, average of 250 miles per pack ~14k miles). Perhaps the BMW is that much more efficient with its lower weight and weaker engine?

AmpedRealtor | April 2, 2015

I doubt a BMW i3 could last for 25 years.

rgmdamgr | April 2, 2015

Maybe its just the fuel costs.
Go California sun, my 3.8kW system makes 6000kWh/year.

Mathew98 | April 2, 2015

If you buy a pair of low tech battery assisted bicycles, it will save them half a million bucks over 45 years!

While you're at it, how about selling that fancy house and move into a nearby cave and quit that cushy job and live of foraging the lands?

How about them statistics?

Mathew98 | April 2, 2015

live off of...

EVino | April 2, 2015

@Brian H,
He included PV cost on year 1.

My napkin calc:
I have a 324 wh/mile lifetime avg so far on my car.
--> 1000/324 = 3.086 miles/kWh

12,000 miles/year
--> 3888 kWh annual consumption

Given @rgmdamgr 3.8 kW PV system, and assuming each panel rated at 250W of power has an actual power output of 200W in Calif, that's 19 panels. (is that right, rgmdamgr?)
--> I would only need 13 panels to fuel my car.

How much is a Solar City lease on 13 panels?

Rocky_H | April 2, 2015

@EVino, Yes, but on the gas car example just didn't decide to do a solar panel install at all, even though it would save money in either case.

Al1 | April 2, 2015

Gasoline cars don't run for 25 years either.

Al1 | April 2, 2015

Especially if regulation fuel consumption standards become tougher, which I bet they will.

Al1 | April 2, 2015

I think major roadblock on the way of electric cars is not comparison to ICE one, but comparison to buying one two-three years down the line.

The major question? What is the stop gap then?

At any rate I think those considering buying a new ICE car will be at major disadvantage, because whatever they think they know about resale value of ICE cars will undergo serious correction.

EVino | April 2, 2015

@Rocky_H, fair enough. Let's call the bottom costs a wash. In that case, after ~4 years of i3 ownership his PV system will be ahead of the gas cost. That's the real case then. Not bad.

Rocky_H | April 2, 2015

Yeah, Brian was just pointing out that it was shoddy form to throw in an unrelated curve ball factor into one side of the table and not the other to try to skew the results even farther.