Buffett and BYD, the Chinese competitor

Buffett and BYD, the Chinese competitor

Warren is getting involved with BYD, whose e6 is going to enter the market here in 2012. Its range is about 185 mi., price ~$42K. 0-60 in 10 sec., seats 5. No competition, really, but they'll be able to supply large volume immediately, I'd think.

Brian H | February 7, 2011

CO2 is pollution only in EPA-style doubletalk. Crashing and crushing the world's industrial economy MIGHT reduce Globull Warming by 0.1 to 0.2 degrees by 2100. But probably not. And there'll be a lot fewer around to worry about it, and even fewer who even know what it is.

ALL of the "records" and models on which that is based are fudged and plugged** and stuffed with WAGs* to a fare-thee-well. If the Precautionary Principle is applied to avoid its highly low-probability warnings, then it is CERTAIN than the current highest food prices and food riots will be the merest faint breeze compared to the hurricane of devastation that will sweep the planet.

*Wild-Azzed Guesses.
** A prominent modeler famously said, "Give me 4 free parameters, and I'll make you an elephant. Give me 5, and it'll flap its ears."
Global Circulation Models have in excess of 20, each, and growing.

Brian H | February 7, 2011

typo: "that the current highest food prices ever"

searcher | February 7, 2011

BrianH, Interesting comments. Seems my "slap a tariff on them" comment wasn't too much in line with your thinking. And of course my idea may quite well have been a "knee jerk" uninformed statement. Having said that would you elaborate on the "tariff" thing a bit. If you will, pretend you are running for president and you are addressing the issue of our debt,what would be your proposals to reduce this and as fast as possible. Also what would be your comments on high unemployment and where we are in world trade and what, if anything, needs to be done concerning this. Honestly not trying to be a smart aleck, would really love to hear your opinions on this as well as others. All this is vitally improtant to production and sales of EV's world wide, the strength
of the dollar etc. Concerning environmental issues and industry I am in agreement with you here you "dont throw out the baby with the bathwater". There is innovative capability globally and a sensible balance between the environmentalist and industrialist points of view. On taxing I am in complete agreement with you here. Don't kill the very energy that is a very big part of running the economic engine. But there are a few tweaks that can be made as there are some improvemnts that can be made on both sides of the fence without getting into outright class warfare. After all most money was "somebody elses at one time" unless someone has a "funny money" machine in their basement. But the taxing thing, and working and professional class thing we will take up in another discusion.

Brian H | February 8, 2011

Too complex; it would take over the thread and my life for a day or ten. Check out the link I gave you above; Tamny is a bit too fundamentalist-economics for me, but not much.

Real debt incurred for real goods and services is not the problem. Government commandeering of the lending resources of the country to feed preferred supporters is a deadly problem. The debt for that is arbitrarily created, and is potentially unlimited, for minuscule public good.