China - a Tesla market

China - a Tesla market

I hope Tesla is opening offices in China. They are into luxury cars - and reducing pollution.

"Automobili Lamborghini SpA will probably sell more supercars in China than in the U.S. for the first time this year, a sign of the Asian country’s growing importance to luxury-car makers".

"The Aventador LP 700-4, priced at 255,000 euros ($364,000) in Europe, has sold out the first 18 months of production, and China accounts for a fifth of buyers so far, Chief Executive Officer Stephan Winkelmann said in an interview today at the Shanghai auto show. Sales may grow further when deliveries start in the third quarter. "

bolezy | July 25, 2011

could not agree more think china would be a great market for the chinese economy

searcher | September 4, 2011

Well,Do tell, wonder how this strange set of circumstances came to be. All I have to say is poor Chinese working masses and poor american working masses. Makie that poor manipulated chinese working masses and poor manipulated american working masses. Takes a lot of well heeled "straw bosses" and beurocrats to keep the working classes beat down and getting peanuts for wages albeit more than many of them have ever had before and they are afraid to "rock the boat". Now us American working clases are a different story. Pitting us against them. We know what you rotten "bleeps" are doing and we can do something about it. Done it before and can do it again. Don't call me a socialist either I just know when I am being played against someone. Thats called an alert, fed up patriot.

searcher | September 5, 2011

Sincerely some of you people who are fairly well versed in world trade tell me where I am wrong. Are there instances where america or other countries are not being traded with fairly? Is a primary reason for China's above mentioned prosperity not based on the burden the chinese masses are recieving for substandard wages and they feel unempowred to do anythng about it due to a large repressive communist regime bearing down on them. I am very open for opinions. If I am wrong please let me know and how I am wrong which I may be. But it's just the fact that everything I see for sale for the most part is Made in China. Also world trade experts, sincerely now , who has run this very high debt with China. What periods was it run up in and who ran it up. Was not our country a few years ago operating with a surplus. What is the deal with all this debt to China and can we ever get out of debt to them?