Disabling air suspension auto-leveling on ferries?

Disabling air suspension auto-leveling on ferries?

I was planning to ask this question when I take delivery, but wanted to see if this question had already been asked and answered.

When taking a Model S (w/air suspension) onto a car ferry, should jack mode (disabling the auto-leveling feature of the air suspension) be enabled, or does it not matter?

Brian H | January 26, 2013

If the car is Off, why would it self-level?

Carefree | January 26, 2013

The issue is that the car will lower itself when turn off - I think that's what Salman is trying to avoid. You could use Jackmode to "lock" the current height. I do that with my Touareg Tdi as well.

Captain_Zap | January 26, 2013

I leave the car in "Very High" or "High" setting when on the ferry because the ramps to get on and off the ferry can get steep depending on the tides.

If you drive too fast getting on or off the ferry it will automatically lower, so you have to watch your speed. At 10 mph it will lower from "Very High" to "High'. At 20 MPH it will lower from "High" to "Standard".

The car is not lowering itself when we turn it off.

Carefree | January 26, 2013

I remember reading a thread here where the car lowered itself onto the curb after the owner had gotten out and shut off the car. Was that a bug in that particular car?

Salman | January 26, 2013

@Captain_zap, thanks for the info. I believe you're also in WA state like me so this will be relevant getting on/off the ferries we have around here.

@Brian H, I've never owned a car with air suspension so I don't know how they behave when off, etc. (and I haven't gotten my MS yet). But I was reading the owners manual and saw on page 31 in the description of jack mode that the car does self-level when off:

If Model S is equipped with Active Air Suspension, it automatically self-levels, even when power is off.

Captain_Zap | January 26, 2013

The self-lowering issue happened with a very early Signature. I believe that it was a bug has been addressed by a firmware update.

You just have to remember to not exceed 10 MPH to if you intend to keep it in the "Very High" setting. That is a bit slow for ferry loading under normal conditions. I don't think anyone will get too impatient with us during more extreme tides, though. The "High" setting for the suspension is adequate most of the time and you can go up to 20 mph.

There has been talk about making a feature so that the driver has a means of manually locking the suspension in a "High" or "Very High" position, but there is concern that the driver may forget to disable this option once they get on a roadway.
Also, there has been talk about an option that will ask the car to give you an auditory tone to alert you when it starts to lower itself automatically. At this point I haven't heard whether these are features that are going to be added or not.

It would be really cool if you could ask the car to lock the suspension in a certain position when it is within certain GPS coordinates (i.e. your driveway or a ferry route and holding area) and then have it return to automatic mode outside those coordinates. But, there might be a problem with that if you are inside a ferry.