Elon's 'Secret Weapon'- I think I know what it is

Elon's 'Secret Weapon'- I think I know what it is

Elon said on the Q1 conference call that he has a 'secret weapon' against dealers/to spur demand which might launch by the end of the year. That would come close to coinciding with the gigafactory coming online sometime in 2016.

Here's my prediction: TM launches a trade-in program for all used electric cars currently on the market (especially Nissan LEAF's, with their relatively huge volume). They could then remove the old batteries for grid storage or recycling and resell the used cars with vastly improved GF batteries installed. I realize there may be technical limitations here, but certainly it's possible to moderately improve the LEAF's current battery pack to one with more energy density.

This would accomplish multiple goals at once- lots of great PR, new revenue stream, and most importantly, mass adoption of EVs with many, many more 'no compromise' EVs available to consumers relatively quickly. The volumes would much higher than TM could produce on its own in the medium term.

Would Nissan have their lawyers on the phone with Elon the next day? Maybe someone who knows more than me about proprietary legal matters could chime in. But, it seems to me that modified used cars are sold all the time, so why not?

The bottom line is that Nissan has already produced more electric cars than any other OEM, including Tesla, but the LEAF will never be a mainstream vehicle because of obvious limitations (I've been driving a LEAF for 4 years, so I know the limitations first-hand)! Nissan has no real vested interest in widespread EV adoption. Tesla is the only OEM with that vested interest, so this seems like an obvious strategy.

Elon, give me a trade-in offer on my LEAF that I can't refuse, and you will have a new customer in me and many, many others quite soon!!!