factory pickup cost

factory pickup cost

Is it possible to avoid a delivery charge of $1000 by picking up at the factory? If so, I may be tempted to make the trip from Fremont to Portland. Would be fun in any case.

jk2014 | January 11, 2013

No, the charge appears to be mandated and industry wide as apparently your "destination charge." All, correct me if I'm wrong...

riceuguy | January 11, 2013

That is correct. You could try telling yourself delivery is free but the mandatory tour of factory costs $990 if it will make you feel any better! :-)

cpetrush | January 11, 2013

And it's buy one get three free ticket price. Think of the savings!

drp | January 11, 2013

There are many threads on this already but, to make it short, every automobile manufacturer has a delivery charge and it is averaged out among all of their vehicles hence the $990. With the personal delivery, many people spend two hours with the delivery person who is also well-versed in the vehicle. While my understanding is that is not always the case, it is included in the price along with the tutorial.

philiparnason | January 11, 2013

Haha. Yes its funny how the brain rationalizes.

Thanks for the info, and if I do pickup from factory I will detail my 700 mile journey.

sergiyz | January 11, 2013

the factory tour alone is worth it

drp | January 11, 2013

I would love the tour but the drive back is a 2120 mile drive, which would be a blast, but take a long time without the SuperCharger network in place. #11878 Dolphin Grey/Black 85P 21"Grey Pano, Tech

Brian H | January 12, 2013

Just wait 8 months to pick it up.