Falcon Wing doors should allow easy access for DRIVER!

Falcon Wing doors should allow easy access for DRIVER!

Was X design by a human that have a driving experience or robot/AI????????????????
As a potential luxury price X buyer I rather have my money being used toward a driver Falcon Wing doors.
What is the functional/practical point of having the passengers rather than the driver able to get in/out of the car in tight spaces????????

Ankit Mishra | December 12, 2015

Its not for tight spaces bro. Its for easy access to 3rd row, putting kids in seat etc. Sure, maybe they can add front FWD in future too.

carlk | December 12, 2015

Or when it's driven by a chauffeur.

Ross1 | December 12, 2015

Its for the lucrative Chinese market of chauffeur driven cars.

USA market is small in comparison.

You are just beta testers for the Chinese.

carlk | December 12, 2015

There are plenty of chauffeur driven Escalades in the US. At least that's what's in the movies.

sp_tesla | December 13, 2015

Solution: Driver seat able to rotate 360°

aljjr2 | December 13, 2015

Get the Premium, the driver's door auto presents.

carlk | December 13, 2015

The driver still can exit/enter from the rear falcon wing door if the front seat can move all the way back. The 2nd row seat can be taken out if moving it back can not create enough space for that.

Ross1 | December 13, 2015

or fold?

sp_tesla | December 13, 2015

Ready to buy Model X but have to wait & see which will come 1st, front FWD or getting a full time chauffeur.

ian | December 13, 2015

Full time chauffef since the X will never come with front falcon wings. ;-)

bp | December 14, 2015

Having the ability to rotate the front seats 180 degrees, so the driver and front passenger can also use the Falcon Wing doors would be interesting - though would likely require sacrificing any console between the front seats.

sp_tesla | December 14, 2015

Great solution: rotate the front seats 180 degrees, so the driver who purchased/paid the luxurious X asking price and front passenger can ENJOY the luxury style of the Falcon Wing doors.

It's obvious that (IE) UoUo the robot is unable to think/consider what will the paying driver want & enjoy from a very major visual & functional fixture of the car!

adamgreen | December 14, 2015

I like the rotating front seat idea. ("picnic" or RV configuration)
The console could be designed to collapse forward into the dash or hinge upwards or backwards out of the way.
It seems to me the Model X is an almost blank canvas onto which we could see many works created.
My only disappointment so far with the ordering process is the expense and dead weight of a 7 seater configuration when the 3rd row should be removable and spend it's life in an airtight sealed bag in storage between occasional uses. The 2nd row should also be removable, one position at a time, including the front passenger seat, which at the very least should fold flat to create a long cargo deck length.

AutoCue | December 14, 2015

Tilt the front seats backwards (feet up, head down).
Opens up a whole new array of possibilities and functionalities

MyXinTx | December 14, 2015

Wow, this thread got weird very quickly...I love it

*Hey Tesla, Fold Them Seats*

bb0tin | December 14, 2015

It won't be long before you can ask the car to get itself out of a tight spot so you can then get in the driver's door.

Red Sage ca us | December 14, 2015

Autopilot parking.

MyXinTx | December 15, 2015

Isn't AP parking only good for parallel parking?

Besides, why would you want to park in a tight spot, or where the spots are super tight?

I know it won't last forever, but I will learn to avoid the closest spots and choose to walk more to avoid car dings on my new X.

*Hey Tesla, Fold Them Seats*

aesculus | December 15, 2015

@WaitN4myX: I agree with you on public spaces. But self parking was being touted for private parking. Like a garage that is too narrow to easily get in and out of. Your car could let you out in the driveway and then put itself away for example.

Red Sage ca us | December 15, 2015

BMW has been ecstatic over their auto-parking feature for the 7-Series. It will pull directly into a garage... Or pull directly out of one. On its own, sans driver in the steering wheel seat. I expect the Tesla Model S and Model X will at least do that... SOON.

MyXinTx | December 15, 2015

That is such a gimmick...But I want it.
I wonder if that could also be utilized in a private parking lot, such as set the front of the building as a destination waypoint, then the X would navigate to that spot like an e-chauffeur. Question is does that require a set parking spot as starting point or from any spot on the lot?

What's the worse that can happen???

*Hey Tesla, Fold Them Seats*

aesculus | December 15, 2015

What's the worse that can happen???The car runs over some child or little old lady. Or perhaps Donald Trump? Oh never mind. :-)

MyXinTx | December 15, 2015

Oh I get that, and that was a sarcastic rhetorical question...

But isn't all the AP features designed to compensate for all objects? or just vehicles?

What would be needed is the actual layout of the parking lot included in the map data, which ain't likely...

But given that consideration, how can the X navigate on personal property???

...I don't have painted lines along my driveway

Back to the thread topic... FW Doors for the front row?... more appropriate for the Roadster 2.0 than a SUV me thinks...

Red Sage ca us | December 16, 2015

I'm sure that a Model X could be 'trained' in a manner similar to a Roomba... Except the training would be by the Owner, who would drive the vehicle through the 'course' the car was expected to 'learn'. Perhaps two, or three times? Once the car 'knows' the typical conditions at a particular location, it could do the feat itself. Easy, but not necessarily automatic. It may be 'learning' from your typical driving habits from the moment you get it.

jordanrichard | December 16, 2015

There is more functionality to the FWDs that what is needed for the front seats.

sp_tesla | December 16, 2015

Luxury price should offer luxurious fixtures.

Red Sage ca us | December 16, 2015

Meh. Pretty much every traditional automobile manufacturer uses the word 'luxury' to define and market their vehicles, regardless of price point. I haven't been impressed by luxury cars since 1985, when I learned over a Summer of washing and detailing them in Beverly Hills that they really weren't all that special... Except for Rolls-Royce or Bentley, which seemed to be copied by all the rest.

Ankit Mishra | December 16, 2015

There are enough features in X for the price. You may have front falcon doors in roadster 2. But be prepared to pay a lot more.

Farmer Dave | December 16, 2015

@Ankit Mishra:

A roadster by definition is a convertible. How can a convertible have falcon wing doors?

Ankit Mishra | December 16, 2015

Oh, didn't know that. I thought it's just a car name like Model S or X. I am not a car guy. :)

Ross1 | December 16, 2015

Here is a video of an e-golf self charging, self parking, autonomously.

MyXinTx | December 16, 2015

@Farmer Dave- Please don't pick on Ankit, since I was the one who mentioned roadster.

My comment, as inaccurate as it was, was more intended to reflect that the FWD for the driver/passenger was more fitting for a sports car than a SUV.

Looking at the side view MX pics, I can't imagine the front doors being FWD, but then again I have little imagination.

Would love to see a mock-up of that though...

Red Sage ca us | December 16, 2015

Speedster, Spyder, Roadster, Convertible, Cabriolet, Hardtop Convertible... Great names, but most of these are death traps. Especially if built by Porsche.