Few questions about queues and reservations

Few questions about queues and reservations


I am from Russia and right now if I want to get a Tesla I have to paid extra 38% to government.
But our government are planning to cancel this fee or, at least, reduce it to 18% only for 2014.

Yes, I want to get a Tesla S but not for 150 000 USD$ or more for those money I would prefer new RRS Supercharged Autobiography.

If I make a reservation then how long does it take to get the car?
And what if I cancel it? I loose 5 000$ or they give it back?

iSlayter | July 17, 2013

Why I am asking? Perhaps this crazy fee will be cancelled and only if so I am ready to get my Tesla but if not I will have to cancel my reservation.

cloroxbb | July 17, 2013

You would only lose the $5000 if the car went into production before you "cancelled" it.

I don't know how long the wait is for overseas orders.

iSlayter | July 17, 2013

How long the waiting is in the States?
I can order the car by my friend for example and then just send it with ship where I need.
But I am going to face up with another problem like certification.
As I googled at russian customs forum there is no way to import car without local certification.
So for now there is not chance to get a Tesla in Russia.

Hope manufacturer will find a solution with this.
I am upset.

Brian H | July 17, 2013

2 weeks grace period, then finalization and deposit locks in. Then 2-6 weeks for delivery.

ian | July 17, 2013

There is no reservation system in effect in the US any longer either. It is now a $2500 deposit, with 2 weeks to finalize the details of your car (color and options). You can even skip the 2 weeks by calling and telling them to put your car straight into production.

The $5000 refundable deposit for a reservation went away a few months ago.


iSlayter | July 17, 2013

Thank you guys for your replies! They are very helpful.

I have last question if I buy the car in US I can not export it until somebody own it for 1 year, is it true?
If it's partially true then can you tell me if this is true with Tesla cars?
This info was given to me by a guy from russian customs forum and he offered his service for the deal.

Thank you guys in advance!

Alex K | July 17, 2013

@ iSlayter | JULY 17, 2013: I have last question if I buy the car in US I can not export it until somebody own it for 1 year, is it true?

This is not a requirement in the U.S., but may be a requirement for Russian customs. Some countries charge lower import tax rates if the car is "used". Most of the export requirements in the U.S. deal with verifying the ownership of the vehicle see for some of the export requirements.