Garaging advantages?

Garaging advantages?

Besides keeping my S clean and safe, are there advantages to garaging for the battery system or other advantages? I am in sunny California, but the nights get down to just below freezing at times. Of course the car is more comfortable in the mornings, but the seat heaters handle that quickly.

July10Models | January 4, 2013

Garage kept maintains a higher average temp in the batteries so they would require less warming when using the car improving your Wh/mi usage.

BYT | January 4, 2013

My charger is in there and so if it's a damp night, I don't have to wipe it off of the dew that accumulated as well as the charge port on the car. Another advantage.

MandL | January 4, 2013

The charging cable will necessarily lay on the ground, and you will inevitably soil your slacks some morning in a hurry to get to work. If you scrupulously clean your garage floor this may be slightly less of an issue than if you're charging outside.

I've said it before but seem to be the only one really concerned about this. I want a charging cable on a retractable reel so I don't have to handle the cable itself every time I park and leave.

DanD | January 4, 2013

We're renovating our garage for the car.

Putting in insulation and sheet rock to keep the car clean. Upgrading the electrical to keep it fed and protecting it from the criminal element to keep it safe.

Putting in slick paneling, lights and paint to make the garage as cool as the car.

Just hope the renovation is done by delivery date 1/26

DTsea | January 4, 2013

Obviously no frost on car either.... so no power demand for defrost at least initially. Plus harder to steal the car from a garage. (Because it's not visible.)