Gas/electric comparison spreadsheet

Gas/electric comparison spreadsheet

I put together a spreadsheet comparing the costs of gas and electric cars (specifically a Model S). Thought folks here might be interested. I've been using it to sell my wife on the Model S purchase. :)

Volker.Berlin | June 27, 2012

Max Mindel did something similar and compared the Model S TCO to a huge number of other cars. Might be interesting:

Brian H | June 27, 2012

Ugh. All proprietary MS stuff. Not worth the hassle. ODS, please.

Timo | June 27, 2012

@Iridium, Looks bad in FF, cell size is too small for font used and it uses decimal point in a weird way (to me at least). Also units used are nowhere to be seen, so can't really use that. Few tweaks and it would be good, but for now it isn't.

@Volker.Berlin, that Max Mindel has only one tweakable variable: the car you are comparing Model S against. It's not very useful when fuel cost alone is more than twice here in Europe compared to US prices. It also doesn't have all the cars I would like to compare against (for example Skoda is not there, modern Skoda cars are basically Volkswagens with smaller price tag). What we need is just what iridium here is doing, but with all the small details and considerations Max has done.

Because that is looking very good for BEV:s even as expensive as Model S I think this is something Tesla should do in their website. Take a look at for example Toyota vs Model S after five years, and then think what kind of car Model S is compared to basically any of those cars. It's a bargain. At any price.

DartLady S77 | June 29, 2012

@Brian H - The sheet is right there (Excel WebApp) All you have to do is click the tabs and use the sliders..... No hassle at all.

Brian H | June 29, 2012

There's a small browser window. I downloaded and read with Libre Office, much better view of things. Suggest right-aligning the title text in Cells A1 - E1 in the Basic Cost Analysis. Looks much better.

In the browser, the table numbers for the last 3 columns have half the final digit trimmed entirely or mostly. Opening the "full-size worksheet" with the right status bar icon shows the same.

The downloaded sheet in LibreOffice does not have the same issue. Odd.

iridium | June 29, 2012

Thanks for the feedback. I'll make some tweaks in the next few days. Funny, I thought worry about browser compat would be confined to my day job.