Grey Interior for Model X?

Grey Interior for Model X?

Will that be an option? Hope so.

ernie | September 19, 2015

I might want it as an option to black. However, there are many tones of grey that would not look great to my eye. Outside will PROBABLY be the Pearl White Multi-Coat. Liked the regular white in the showroom on the S, but the Pearl White is very nice. It will look nice next to my wife's "Diamond White" car.

vandacca | September 19, 2015

I've been trying to decide between the Model-S gray and Model-S black (assuming the same options will be available for the Model-X). I much prefer the look of the black, but am worried about the seats getting really hot in the summer time. Furthermore, I wanted the black Alcantara and a dark silver paint, so it seemed like a lot of dark colours.

I just wish they had a better looking gray or any better looking lighter colour. Maybe a vegan gray?

johnabreen | September 20, 2015

I know, going through the same dilemma in my head, over and over, make it stop. As it stands this morning I'm going with the Pearl White Multi-Coat with all black interior. I have 3 kids and live in Chicago so there are pros and cons to all selections.

Red Sage ca us | September 20, 2015

Though I actually like the multilevel mixed tones in a Model S, I was surprised that there is no option for a monotone interior, other than completely black.

I rather prefer tan myself, so it would have been nice to see a version of the standard car that was fully tan, including carpeting for cabin, seatbacks, trunk, and frunk. And though leather is nice, I do wish the textile interior were available in tan, at least for the sake of comparison. So, I'd probably be scheduling a trip to my friendly neighborhood custom car interior/upholstery guy in any case...

I tend to be put off by gray, grey, and blue automobile interiors, because they seem either too antiseptic, or otherwise artificial in tone. You know, like institutional environments.

Though RED is my favorite color, there are only rare occasions when a car interior in that color is pulled off properly, so I wouldn't want to risk it. So, yeah... If I were to customize, it would be to tan, not brown, in as many places as it seemed to made sense.