Hello! I come in peace, but want to talk to reservation holders about the hopes for the Model X!

Hello! I come in peace, but want to talk to reservation holders about the hopes for the Model X!

I am hoping to find some folks with Model X reservations to talk about what they expect from the new vehicle. Please let me know if you are interested.

Mike Ramsey
The Wall Street Journal

Captain_Zap | September 21, 2015


Roamer@AZ USA | September 21, 2015

No "hope", Just incredible excitement that it is finally here.

carlk | September 21, 2015

What is the Wall Street Journal?

grant10k | September 21, 2015

Everyone here is just guessing from what we've gleamed from a few 3d renders.

I'm no writer, but I'd imagine it'd make a better article after the 29th featuring the actual car, vs one featuring a bunch of schmucks with opinions.

Red Sage ca us | September 21, 2015

Captain_Zap: +42! The Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything about 'Why the Heck Would we Trust Someone from the WSJ?'

SamO | September 21, 2015

Hi Mike.

Some people may not be familiar with YOUR work:

Which is pretty much straight reporting.

But overall the WSJ's treatment of Tesla Motors has been pretty execrable.

I'm sure someone will reach out, but if you want some insight into the lunacy that waiting 3+ years will do to a person, head over to

They are positively unhinged.


EarlyAdopter | September 21, 2015

Just the fact that he has to start with "I come in peace, but..." should be a huge red flag.

The WSJ has demonstrated a constant bias against Tesla Motors for years now.

Captain_Zap | September 21, 2015

It appears that Mr. Ramsey sensed that the community still feels burned from his last pass through the neighborhood.

Petrol Addict | September 21, 2015


Hey! That's my favorite song and singer Joe Cocker.

Curt Renz | September 21, 2015


Why the "Come in Peace" salutation? That seems to imply truth in the widespread belief that you and the Wall Street Journal have an anti-Tesla agenda.

rxlawdude | September 21, 2015

More to the point, isn't that what every cliche alien says when they reach Earth?

Ankit Mishra | September 21, 2015

He has in a way tried to set him aside from his colleagues at WSJ by writing "Come in peace". My suggestion would be to welcome him that he recognizes the fact that his group has been hostile against Tesla and he isnt one of them. His articles on Tesla are also based on facts. Check out links by @SamO. Hope he gets to talk with good no. of Sig reservation holders.

NumberOne | September 21, 2015

Or standard production reservation holders. I have had my reservation for 34 months and am not a sig holder. He wants to know what people are expecting of the car, and will follow up in a few cases after delivery to see if expectations were met.

jdb | September 21, 2015

Actually, WSJ has my favorite all time car reviewer, Dan Neil. I would offer Dan a test drive in my low production MX when delivered. But agree that WSJ economic treatment of Tesla Motors biased. Last column was criticizing temerity of EV tax credits. Did anyone a WSJ realize that US taxpayers recently subsidized General Motors to tune of $12 Billion to save from bankruptcy. Dwarfs any EV tax credit. And don't get me started on the probably hundreds of billions of subsidies to oil companies through depletion allowance of past 60 years. Suggest WSJ leave Tesla Motors articles to Dan Neil.

jarbet3539 | September 21, 2015

I am sig X buyer and am very frustrated with the Arrogance of Tesla at this point. The national Sales team told me they refuse to tell me how many they have contacted. The company operators don't know the names of any of executives to switch me to.

The delivery team has not returned any phones calls ever. The customer service director has never returned a phone call

The CFO has never returned a phone call.

I dont know why I don't just pull my order and suggest eveyone else do the same.

Does anyone know anything about this process? The sales team told me today it is private company info as to how many they called. That was patently unture as the person in public that they called last knows their number. So the information is public.

I find this beyond comprehension. If I treated my best customers this way, I would be out of business.

jdb | September 21, 2015

@jarvet3539. Sorry to hear of your angst. As an owner of. Sig MS now with 34,000 miles have only had great experiences with Tesla Motors. And as holder of low MX production reservation am looking forward to the reveal event on September 29. Have no idea of your issues but hope you get them resolved, though suspect that if you cancel there will be more than one person stepping up to take your place in line. Good luck.

Tâm | September 21, 2015


It is doubtful that you could ever find that out from Tesla.

Unlike other car companies, Tesla does not even disclose its monthly car sales numbers.

Your best bet is to ask forum participants.

You lost me.

What's so important to get the numbers of reservations holders who have been activated?

Roamer@AZ USA | September 21, 2015

Jarbet3539, Probably a good thing that all 30,000 reservation holders are not thinking they are special.

You reserved a car. When they are capable of building it you will be able to place an actual order. They will contact you when they are able to take that order.

No amount of phone calls and email will change the above statement.

Tesla right now has 30,000 customers for a car that hasn't shipped to even one customer. I am sure all 30,000 feel like they are Tesla's... best customer.

Roamer@AZ USA | September 21, 2015

jarbel3539, The information you seek is pretty easy to figure out from the Tesla tracker. No need wasting everyone at Tesla's time with your need for special treatment.

Here is the tracker.

Reservations thru Sig 448 have been invited to configure. How many get invited in the next batch will completely depend on how many of the 448 so far elected to place an order. So the size of the next release will be based on how many of the first 448 finalized an order and how many are waiting the full ten days to order followed by seven days to make changes befor the order is firm.

Maybe if you were to contact the 448 invited so far and ask each what they intend to do you could get an answer to your question. Not surprising that Tesla does not know exactly how many customers will go hard on orders during the time periods allowed in the reservation agreement.

So bottom line you are asking a question that can't be answered since the answer will depend on the individual actions of 448 sig reservations opened for order completion. The problem will be further compounded by the faint of heart that plan to delay an order decision until after the car is revealed. This group will creat a bubble of orders on Oct1, disrupting a smooth order entry process for a few weeks.

So the answer to your question is only each individual Sig reservation holder knows what they will do and when they will do it.

After two years a month or two is small change.

NumberOne | September 21, 2015

Just to add. This is already completely off Topic. Only a fraction of the 448 or more who have been contacted (No one knows whether you have been contacted if you do not tell anyone. (by posting on modelXtracker)). I do not think the site is guaranteed to be useful or even accurate as far as total numbers are concerned initially, but after about a month or so it would give us some idea of how long we will be in queue. Once production is really ramped up, even a smaller percentage of people will be entering their information there. At the moment it seems that fewer than 10% of those who were invited to configure entered any info.

All that can be concluded with certainty is that up to 448 people have been given access to the design studio. There are more entries in the ordered section than the design studio section, so people clearly do not fill out all parts, just what they have time for.

kittylitter | September 21, 2015

I found the modelxtracer to be less than user friendly. Almost gave up but did get my #414 in. Maybe that's why only 10% have succeeded in entering their full data.

DriverZ | September 21, 2015

Oooh! Me Me ME!
I want to be quoted in the newspaper!
15 minutes of fame, here I come.

Tâm | September 21, 2015


Please don't forget to publish the before and after grinning!

Ankit Mishra | September 21, 2015

Did you completed your order @Driverz?

vperl | September 22, 2015

As I have mentioned before, whatever reason one maybe unhappy, cancel your reservation.

Buy a KIA, be happy.

I know, others would be happy to move the unhappy crowd to iApple vehicle. iApple should have the car, service centers, iMega Charging stations all 800 built in the US, withe 1000 built around the planet in other countries.

Heard FoxxCon in China and Singapore are sourcing all the necessary components. All will be amazed by the 500 mile range and ten minute Charging time.

Be happy, KIA or the iCar.

Roamer@AZ USA | September 22, 2015

@vperl, Dang, saw your post too late. My order goes hard today.

DriverZ | September 22, 2015

@Ankit Mishra "Did you completed your order @Driverz?"

I never received a written or telephone response to my email where I asked about the folding seats and asked if I could delay placing my order until the 29th.

Since they never formally responded to me, I never hit the confirm button due to lack of information. I just received a second copy of the invitation to configure in my email on 9/21/15. I think I am going to get away with waiting until 9/29/15.

Red Sage ca us | September 22, 2015

I'm just sayin'...

Ankit Mishra | September 22, 2015


sbeggs | September 22, 2015

We come in peas...

Red Sage ca us | September 22, 2015

sbeggs: +1! What about peace? [FLOG] PEACE!

pylt | September 26, 2015

Sure, we have a MX reservation and we're on our 4th MS as I type. What do you want to know?

We'll pull the trigger, perhaps, on a MX when Tesla pulls the hypocrisy off the table. We're just tired of it. Even Bill Gates is posting studies showing that animal ag is the source of 51% of GHG's, yet 90%+ of Teslas are "GHG-STUFFED" with leather interiors. Really? It kind of boggles the brain when otherwise smart, if not brilliant, people like Elon Musk screw up this badly.

and, now on Netlix:

But, hey, the UN was reporting this back in 2006 but Tesla was a little busy back then. But now? Come on!

Sadly for the future of our planet, simply ignoring facts does not make them go away . . . .

"There are none so blind as those that will not see."

sbeggs | September 26, 2015

@Red Sage,

I can't find the comic strip that had aliens with peas in it...

Red Sage ca us | September 26, 2015

I found a greeting card...

And a t-shirt...

And a vegetarian ALIEN...




(and a post to flag as inappropriate)

sbeggs | September 26, 2015

That's it, @Red Sage!!!!

I knew you would come through , you're talented in this way...

Red Sage ca us | September 26, 2015

Google® is my Friend.


madodel | September 26, 2015

"90%+ of Teslas are "GHG-STUFFED" with leather interiors."

They have a vegan option for the Model X. That is my choice. To expect perfection is just not realistic.

vperl | September 27, 2015

I want 100% more cow, beaver, moose, elk, bear, wolf, cougar, rino incrusrted Model X . Asked Elon to include ribeye steak seats, boneless, of course for me. Also, I want red from the blood of a combination of free range beasts as my paint.

jordanrichard | September 27, 2015

pylt, really!!!!? When a cow dies, lets say from natural causes, what would you suggest be done with the body?

No cow, elk, bison, is raised just for it's skin. The animal was going to be slaughtered for other reasons. Leather is the byproduct.

What about all the trees that were "killed" for the express purpose of building your house?

Remnant | September 27, 2015

@ pylt (September 26, 2015)

<< We'll pull the trigger, perhaps, on a MX when Tesla pulls the hypocrisy off the table. ... 90%+ of Teslas are "GHG-STUFFED" with leather interiors. >>

The old balance of offer-demand-prices on open markets is very likely to take care of your concern 99%. For the remaining 1%, a donation of $1.00 to American Patriot Daily would complete the job for you.

IMO, one thing we don't need to do is divert another Tesla thread into an AGW (or Cow-GW?) pseudo-debate.

Remnant | September 27, 2015

@ mramseyWSJ (OP, September 21, 2015)

<< I am hoping to find some folks with Model X reservations to talk about what they expect from the new vehicle. >>

My 3 pet peeves are:

(1) Side rearview cameras (SRC). MX is a wide car (89.4"). I'd probably have to fold the side mirrors to get it into my 90.2"-wide garage door and, without SRCs, I'm likely to dent it at some point. This might, therefore, cause me to defer the purchase, unless Tesla has already installed them.

(2) A larger than 90kWh battery option. My driving habits are based on my HyHi's 350-400 mile range, so I would experience any range under that as a significant inconvenience, whence one more reason to put the MX purchase off by 6-12 months.

(3) A Quad Motor option. AFAIK, Tesla's R-L Torque Vectoring (TV) is based on older algorithms of open mechanical differentials plus ABS electronics, while the state of the art TV is nowadays implemented at the drive power level (like in the Rimac and MB SLS AMG). This might not cause me to put off the MX purchase, but would disappoint me a great deal.

pylt | September 27, 2015

Someone above posted:

"The old balance of offer-demand-prices on open markets is very likely to take care of your concern 99%."

His comment has no basis in reality: for now, dumping GHG's is effectively "free" to all current buyers as the cost is borne by future generations . . . there is NO "open market" here, we're just "passing the buck" and that should be profoundly offensive to all well-informed, thinking adults, no?

The poster is further confused. The reason Tesla Motors exists--to reduce our GHG's and, thus, help start us on a path toward leaving a useable planet for future generations--is in DIRECT conflict with selling GHG-STUFFED Teslas.

This is illogical and UN-Tesla.

They're smart and they'll fix it--the questions are: WHEN, and why is it taking so long?

Remnant | September 28, 2015

@ pylt (September 27, 2015)

<< The reason Tesla Motors exists--to reduce our GHG's and, thus, help start us on a path toward leaving a useable planet for future generations ... >>

Your rendition of Tesla's "reason to exist" is at variance with EM's version of it. In his November 18, 2013, Blog article titled The Mission of Tesla, Elon Musk wrote:

Our goal when we created Tesla a decade ago was the same as it is today: to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass market electric cars to market as soon as possible.

Note there is no GHG mention, reference, or link in EM's description of Tesla's mission. EM is a pragmatic fellow, quite mindful of markets, science, and cooperation, unlikely to get involved in the street fight between the AGW deniers and worshippers. He has even mentioned the possible use of AGW and nuclear power to heat up Mars.


grant10k | September 29, 2015

"By MIKE RAMSEY Sept. 28, 2015 8:06 p.m. ET"

Looks like that article is going to be completely irrelevant about 26 hours and 30 minutes after publishing.

johnse | September 29, 2015

Nice article, Mike. Thank you.

Ross1 | September 29, 2015

@mike ramsey:

Tesla devotees are confirming Tesla as a religion.

Elon is their Saviour and Messiah and the Model X reflects the Second Coming