Homelink remote / rear-view-mirror, etc...

Homelink remote / rear-view-mirror, etc...

Has there been any discussion about how the Model S will open and close a remote garage door (i.e. Homelink, etc)?

Also, my current car has auto-dimming for my rear-view-mirror, for annoying car lights at night. Anyone know if they have something like that on the S?

All the betas rear view mirrors looked fairly old-school.

Jason S | June 24, 2012

Homelink is through the screens. The mirror appears to be auto-dimming, pretty sure that was confirmed.

Schlermie | June 24, 2012

Homelink is part of the tech package. Electochromatic side mirrors are also part of the tech package. It's not clear whether or not you need the tech package to get the electrochromatic rear view mirror.

TikiMan | June 25, 2012

Good to know! thanks!

pilotSteve | June 26, 2012

Would be nice to have an option that 'geo fences' the car so my garage door opens automatically when I drive up the driveway.

A rep told me (Bellevue Square) that charge preferences (current, time of day, etc.) would be stored based on location so there are already location-based preferences in the software.

MandL | June 26, 2012

Or at the very least it would be nice if it brings the homelink buttons to the fore when you're near home. It will be annoying if you have to menu surf to get to it.

Aleksandyr | June 26, 2012

Many of those suggestions are software apps that could be introduced later. Hope they take your suggestions