How High will Smart Air Suspension raise Model X?

How High will Smart Air Suspension raise Model X?

More than a measly little 1.3 inches, I hope? A few extra inches is not too much to ask of an SUV, and my gravel driveway gets a little rutted or has the occasional tree branch. And I'm a wheelchair guy, so I can't just hop out and move obstacles easily.

Blueskies | September 12, 2014

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pvetesla | September 12, 2014

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Red Sage ca us | September 12, 2014

I would hope that Tesla Motors would have done due diligence and found how well Subaru has handled raising and lowering suspensions on their Crossovers. If they matched that performance with Model X it would likely satisfy a whole lot of people.

vandacca | September 13, 2014

@Red Sage, I'm not sure if Tesla would have considered the Subaru, as it's in a different class and not a hugely popular cross-over. I know Tesla did focus a lot on the Audi Q7.


barrykmd | September 13, 2014

vandacca - come to Colorado if you want to see more Subarus than you've ever seen before.

vandacca | September 13, 2014

@barrykmd, so its you Coloradans that are keeping Subaru afloat! :) I was wondering where they were all going.


ian | September 16, 2014

There are quite a few here in the PNW as well. I've heard the NE has some too. And Idaho, and Montana, and...

In other words, if you have winter, a Subaru is a great choice.

Cheers! | September 16, 2014

Lexus LX570 raises up 3 inches for what it's worth.

logicalthinker | October 3, 2014

How high will smart air suspension raise the Model X?

Early prototypes have been seen with unusual camoflauge jobs...

jjs | October 3, 2014

O, now I want one more the ever. Also looking at that picture gives me a strange desire to find a barber that specializes in mullets. | October 6, 2014

Here's a question: Will the MX be smart enough to lower the suspension to its lowest value in response to opening the FW doors?

Blueskies | September 2, 2015

Good question, George!

So... Now that some of the chosen few among us can configure... How high will smart Air raise the X?

ernie | September 2, 2015 why would you want the auto elevation if it made it uncomfortably high for others exiting from the front? Maybe a driver selection every time you park?

Blueskies | September 2, 2015

More clearance over the stray tree branch on my wooded driveway, snow, potholes... I don't plan to go 4-wheeling, but for $2,500, another inch or two of clearance would be nice. It might be handy for a handicapped guy getting in and out too, if indeed it stays at the desired height while loading or unloading.

Red Sage ca us | September 2, 2015

I mentioned Subaru above because reviews I've seen over the years seemed to be genuinely impressed by its raising/lowering ability and range.