Im Interested in buying a roadster in the next year, help.4R

Im Interested in buying a roadster in the next year, help.4R


My name is Luke and I've been a huge tesla fanboy since high school. Im a college graduate now and have been saving up for a used roadster, but want to make sure this is what I actually want. Is there anyone in the area that is willing to let me take the wheel for a short drive with them? I would be highly respectful of their car, i just would like to have a taste before making the leap of faith.

Model im looking to buy:
The model im interested is a gen 1 (1.5) roadster since they are basically the same as the later models and are ranging in the $55-65k range which is great for my budget. 4

Im located in La Honda, CA so im local to the bay area.


GuyL | September 12, 2014

Hi Luke,

I live in paradise Valley Arizona and am now 73 years old so my getting in and out of the TEsla is not as easy as it use to be.

I have a 2011 Tesla and a 2013 Model S and love both cars.
Ordering a model x this month also.

Have 12000 easy miles on the car which is a light "iceburg" blue .
Paid $130,000 for all the goodies on it and will let it go for $50,000 if you want it.

let me know if you are interested.



Brian H | September 13, 2014

this site has no PM; you'll have to give an email or phone contact for him.

kp.sfo | September 14, 2014


just to confirm: You're offering your 2011 Roadster with 12k miles for $50k?


420weblazeit | September 16, 2014

Guy, holy cow! I'm 15... finishing High School because it finishes at 16 here but I took an advanced test, also in the UK, drivers who are "disabled" (I just had a troubled child hood) can drive at 16.

I'm in the UK, but love travel and would like to see if you could perhaps, in a few years, for a good price, part with the Model S?

My email is, and my phone number is +447831369310

You can call, preferably from someone elses phone as the bill would be quite high, after 4:15pm UK time during the week, or between 9am to 2am on weekends.

My Skype is MuzzaHukka, and I too, would even pay for shipping here to the UK, that is, if I don't move to the US

darez2012 | September 18, 2014

i wondering can i buy tesla cars in Jakarta?


420weblazeit | October 7, 2014

darez2012, add me on Skype, username is MuzzaHukka, phone number is +447831369310, I can help you get a Tesla to Jakarta

marcebahn | October 23, 2014

Guy.... is the roadster still available?

I am interested as well....

vincent.taylor | October 24, 2014

Interested also - what is the VIN GuyL?

604 250-7457

dhuntley | November 4, 2014

Guy.... Interested also if it's still available.

ktuder806 | November 15, 2014
wwws56a | November 24, 2014

I will be in Scottsdale 12/10, is your roadster still available?
Please E-mail me at, Thanks

matt_spielman | January 24, 2015

Is the vehicle still available? I am interested.