Interesting Trend at LAX

Interesting Trend at LAX

LAX takes away incentives for electric cars.
This trend is spreading. I used to see empty parking lot for electric cars everywhere. Now I that I have the Model S, I find Leaf (Leaves) and Priuses occupying electric car parking lots most of the time. I have to beat the lunch crowd to get a lot downtown. Clearly parking incentives were not my motivation to buy the Model S, but it would be great to be treated special :)

DTsea | January 4, 2013

I think the tax incentives are enough for me. Nice to be able to charge but free parking doesnt make sense...

TikiMan | January 5, 2013

They really just need to make it for zero emission plug-in cars only. No hybrids!

Either way, I'm sure this is all related to someone from an oil company complaining.

DTsea | January 5, 2013

Tikiman, if you go read the article, it says the free EV parking is in the short term lots. Those lots are very expensive. So the airport has decided they want the parking revenue back.

It also said some folks were buying Prius PHEVs just for this benefit. One guy left his car with its 11 mile battery plugged in for three weeks!!! Saved himself a $600 parking bill, too.

Brian H | January 6, 2013

Ya, them Leafs and Prii is clogging the system. Stomp'em! Or at least, when you see them on the road, stick out your tongue.