Lastt weekend while driving a regular gasoline car

Lastt weekend while driving a regular gasoline car


Last weekend I was on a road trip(gasoline car) and had a cooler plugged into the 12V socket during the day while driving..Once I got to a hotel I let the cooler on overnight in the car(I knew it was risky but the cooler makes so much noise I did not want to bring it into my hotel)... Anyway in the morning when I went out to the car the battery was flat and needed to jump start the car ... further needed to drive around for about 30mins to charge up the battery before stopping again....

My thoughts came about the Tesla car and what would one do in a Tesla if an unforeseen incident like this happened....

just posing the following questions

...You stop at a hotel and you have about 100 miles of charge .. enough to get you to the next charging station
...Assume there is a 12V socket in these cars and you leave the cooler on all night and come out and find the car flat....
...Is the only option to get a tow to the next charging station? Guess there is no way to jump start these cars/quick charge external battery or something like that?

Food for thought and I thought I would share....

J.T. | June 7, 2013

According to the Tech who was featured at theTech Talk event the MS can take a jump. Remove the nose cone and the pos and neg terminals will be accessible.

carlgo | June 8, 2013

Aha, this is the quick charging solution we have been speculating about. AAA trucks come to you anywhere you are and as long as you pay your membership you can drive forever.

J.T. | June 8, 2013

The jump will only re energize the 12 volt, not the main.