Looks like the shorts are getting worried

Looks like the shorts are getting worried

Runar | November 8, 2012

LOL.. I noticed it yesterday. :-)

Started reading, but after a few sentences, I could be bothered.
A smelly mix of broken arguments (well put).

Runar | November 8, 2012

I should be "I could _not_ be bothered"

David70 | November 8, 2012

The same sort of nonsense was used against the Prius over 5 years ago.

It was based on very old invalid data. I'm not going to follow through on this article, as it's just more of the same.

Jolinar | November 8, 2012

I am quite sure that pollution is smaller during use of vehicle. But how could I know that pollution is higher/same/smaller during production. Which research can I trust?

And especially what should I say to my friends (or random folks) if they say EV is so far more dirty during production stage? If this research was lying tell me why? (I wish they was lying/not telling all, but I am not sure)

I am big EV fan.

RNB | November 8, 2012

As I read the above comments I could only think of a certain John Peterson.

LOL as I go to the link and he wrote it...

Blah blah blah old fart

Jolinar | November 9, 2012

well, I have to remember this name, so I can skip his articles :)