Model S options

Model S options

Let's discuss what options we need in the model S.
I can start by listing some luxury car essentials:
1. Rear view camera
2. Parking sensors
3. Adaptive cruise control
4. Highway lane departure sensors
5. Headlights turning with a turn of the wheel
6. Premium sound with capability to store MP3 songs
7. DVD video for back seats
8. Tire pressure sensors

Also looking for some electric car features like:
1. GPS to show electric driving range radius
2. Temperature of the batteries
3. GPS to estimate charge needed to reach destination
4. Instant efficiency measure of some kind (similar to instant mpg)

Timo | October 19, 2010

I don't find those essentials essential. I don't even know what "highway lane departure sensor" is.

Those electric systems OTOH are pretty common to all EV:s.

nlukin | October 20, 2010

From Infinity web site:
Blind Spot Warning (BSW) and Blind Spot Intervention™ (BSI) Systems, BSW helps alert the driver to a vehicle detected in the blind spot area and the world's first BSI helps the driver bring the vehicle back toward the center of the lane.[*]
Forward Collision Warning (FCW). Using a laser rangefinder, this available feature helps alert the driver of an imminent collision by providing a visual and an audible warning.[*]
Intelligent Brake Assist (IBA). This available active safety feature continuously monitors and analyzes closing speeds to a vehicle ahead or to a stationary obstacle. If the driver does not adequately respond to the Forward Collision Warning and a collision cannot be avoided, IBA will automatically engage the brakes to help reduce collision speed and impact, thus mitigating the consequences of the accident.[*]
Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) Systems, LDW sounds an audible warning when you start to drift out of your lane and LDP lightly applies the brakes to help ease you back between the lines.[*]

Timo | October 20, 2010

Apparently those are mean to be systems mitigating the fact that there are drivers that should never ever drive a car. People that know how to drive a car do not need those.
I think all of those systems actually make people drive worse. Someone once said that if we replace airbag with a menacing spike that points directly to your face, then there would be practically no head-on collisions. And those that do collide get an Darwin Award.

Can Eng | October 20, 2010


Thank you for pointing out the fact that there are far too many people out their that deserve their own Darwin Award. Very funny. All of those systems just make drivers more lazy and would probably rob the car of some of it's range.

Can Eng | October 20, 2010

I would love to see run flat tyres.
iPhone connectivity.
Heated Seats

nlukin | October 21, 2010

Run flats are nice - no need for a spare.
IPhone connectivity - should be standard these days
Heated and air conditioned seats - very common in modern luxury cars

Bottom line: if you want to sell a car competing with Lexus GS 350 or BMW 5 series, you better include all of the above.
Now, I don't say to include those for free. Feel free to charge whatever you want, but high end consumers want high end features!

Timo | October 21, 2010

I'm not sure iphone connectivity should be something that is even wanted, much less required. Some standard communication between your whatever personal tricorder and your car is obviously preferred, but does it have to be iphone specifically? IMO no.

Heated seats are standard. They are way more effective in heating than heating air for cold weather. Not sure about "air condition" for seats. AC is obviously standard. Heating the steering wheel would be nice. Maybe heated wind screen too? Small fridge in glove compartment and/or in trunk?

Vawlkus | October 22, 2010

Heated seats, air conditioning, and that's pretty much ALL I'm after.

While I acknowledge the Model S is a luxury car, to me it's a luxury ELECTRIC car. The two are not necessarily the same, nor do I have the same expectations. Just the fact that it's a car I can afford, unlike the Roadster, that frees me from a TONNE of maintanence issues makes it enough of a luxury for me to enjoy. I mean, who doesn't enjoy the company of their own money? :)

Tim10 | October 22, 2010

Heated seats for front and back passengers would be ideal. USB/power outlet for front and rear seats. Cupholders, 2 in front and some in back.

Jaffray | October 22, 2010

Forced air AC through the seats is 2007 Lexus has it and I find it a truly great feature for warm weather travelling.

Brian H | October 22, 2010

iPhone and other communications devices, hands-free or not, all multiply the likelihood of an injury-or-death-causing accident by about 4X -- except for a small percentage of the population who can truly brain "multi-task". Talking and driving share the same neural circuitry for most of us.
So be careful what you ask for.
Probably all those other safety features and more are going to be necessary if people are talking and surfing while driving. Maybe the Germans have the right idea -- I gather they're pushing hard for totally autonomous self-driving vehicles.I can see it now: convoys of cars and trucks 10' apart whipping along the 'Bahn at 200kph ...

Timo | October 23, 2010

That is probably the future, cars that can drive themselves and communicate their movements between themselves.

10' is a bit too little though. You can't stop a truck fast enough at that small distance if the vehicle in front of you that is braking is a small car or motorcycle. No amount of computing power removes laws of physics, and accidents happen without it being fault of humans driving the car.

I'm happy with car that can drive itself as long as I can drive it too. KITT-configuration. I would not enjoy being in a car that doesn't understand command.

Brian H | October 25, 2010

No prob with the braking, Timo; all slow down as quickly as the slowest braking link in the line.

But imagine if a malicious virus gets into the traffic computer, and decides to have a game of Mass-Smash-Up! A whole new meaning to "auto de fé"!


CatchCatch | October 26, 2010

I was just thinking that what the Model S lacks in maintenance issues will be made up for in computer glitches. Then all auto-body shops will have to employ a few computer technicians. Just think; Geek Squad in Pep Boys.

chenglo1 | October 27, 2010

i still fear the battery issue. Once the battery needs to be replaced, it may wipe out all the money we saved from the lower maintence. Thus, i start to wonder if i should have simply purchased another lexus and not be limited to where i can drive to. EV mfrs need to get the battery industry to help reduce the price of replacement batteries in order for the EV movement to really take off.


rouskavich | October 28, 2010

I haven't seen anyone mention a two door model. How about that? Obviously I like the idea. Am I a alone? :(

Vawlkus | October 28, 2010

Any other variations are years away.

Me, I'm just waiting for the Model S to hit the market, and see where we go from here.............

davidcjones | October 28, 2010

While I don't need all those features, I do want them. I especially want 1-5 and 8 listed in the original post as they are additive safety features that can help protect good drivers. However, since several are features that would be a constant draw on the battery, I do not know if they are practical. When I discussed the issue of air conditioning with my local Tesla rep, he commented that the power it took to run the AC was inconsequential to the power it took to push the car around, so I suspect it is possible that these other electronics might also be relatively small draws—and maybe you could selectively turn systems on and off. Of course, if power were not an option, I would be happy to be able to wire in my Valentine One, K40 and Bearcat scanner! ;)

David M. | January 5, 2011

I sincerely hope that runflat tires are NOT considered. I owned a Lexus SC430 with runflats. The tires are so hard that the car sounded like a Mack Truck! First thing I did was replace them with a set of good high performance Michelin tires. Immediately, the ride was a lot smoother and the car a lot quieter.

Vawlkus | January 5, 2011

Agreed. Runflats aren't something I'd be interested in. At best, all I've ever needed was a spray can tire re-inflator with foam patch.

Mark Petersen | January 5, 2011

I hope that ERW will be ready for the Model S as it shout improve range as well

ckessel | January 5, 2011

Wow, essentials? Really? A back seat DVD is "essential"? I really don't want to pay for most of that, uh...I'll be polite, stuff. I'm happy if it's an option for other people though if they want it.

Andyro | January 5, 2011

Hard points for a very minimal, but very strong, elegant roofrack connection to carry toys. Last thing I want to put on a new car is an ugly black sport rack.

gianni.terragni | January 9, 2011

Not essential but good: 2. Parking sensors 3. Adaptive cruise control 5. Headlights turning with a turn of the wheel 8. Tire pressure sensors "9". intelligent key as nissan and renault and others. 1. Rear view camera? it dipend how expensive is
The others 4 I think normal for a EV

Rod Donovan | January 10, 2011

OK, ok, come on, knock it off. This is a serious drivers car. If you want a car that drives itself while you sleep go else where. Don't need any girly mans here!

Parking sensors? If you are too stupid to park, drive something else.

Back seat DVD?! When in the world did this become a minivan for carting creepy little kids?!Why would you want dirt, hand prints on leather, dog poop, and all the other things kids get into in your new Model S? No class baby, no class.

Let's keep it simple and affordable. Hey, who knows, with good sales of the Model S, maybe then they can make your self driving, luxo-spa-pool-ipod-gameroom-vehicle at triple the price you want......

Rod Donovan | January 10, 2011

OK, ok, come on, knock it off. This is a serious drivers car. If you want a car that drives itself while you sleep go else where. Don't need any girly mans here!

Parking sensors? If you are too stupid to park, drive something else.

Back seat DVD?! When in the world did this become a minivan for carting creepy little kids?!Why would you want dirt, hand prints on leather, dog poop, and all the other things kids get into in your new Model S? No class baby, no class.

Let's keep it simple and affordable. Hey, who knows, with good sales of the Model S, maybe then they can make your self driving, luxo-spa-pool-ipod-gameroom-vehicle at triple the price you want......

BYT | January 10, 2011

@Rod Donovan
This is still a family sedan Rob, I agree it should still feel like a drivers car but the 5+2 seats, those +2 jump seats are designed "for carting creepy little kids" under the age of 10.

ChristianG | January 11, 2011

@Rod this is a luxury sedan, it's also a tech toy. So I guess all the latest driving security things and luxory gimmiks will be in it, or at least upgradable. the targeted price for the standard option for the car is already out and they claim they are still on track. No need to fear that much happens to the price if you live in the US... yet.

And if you buy an electric car be ready to be named a girly man as a real man burns rubber *insert Tim Allen barks*

Timo | January 11, 2011

That girly man stays only as long as you keep the TC on. Take it off and pass one of the guys that named you at 60mph tires burning and it goes away.

After that all of them want the same car.

gianni.terragni | January 11, 2011

Dear!! Rod I do not think to be stupid if I like parking sensors, I simply think that for me a car is not a toy, is something I use every day for work. 40,000 miles per year, if I may have some confortable things I like to have them. And without saying stupid to anybody, not even to a macho man as you are

discoducky | January 11, 2011

Since Tesla will make money on options, I would expect to have nearly every tech option you mention above available.

It's only makes good business sense.

Timo | January 11, 2011

Parking sensors (radar, cameras) are good when there is something right behind the car low near the ground. You don't see it from mirrors or windows. Something simple like walkway elevation edge can be a bit difficult to measure from windows or mirrors (does the car go over it, or is is high enough to cause a crash. How close you really are.).

I like the radar. I don't need the cameras, but I wouldn't be against them.

jkirkebo | January 12, 2011

Parking sensors are important safety devices. Every year small children die because their parents or someone else backs over them when they play in the driveway. I would never buy a car again without them.

Roblab | January 12, 2011

As this is an options wish list, I'd like to change the subject line a teensy bit and wish for a couple other things, that I have NOT seen a lot on other luxury cars.
1. Since it's an electric car with 3 times more kWh on board than I burn at my house, can we have a couple 110 (or 220 Euro) outlets? Anybody else ever have need of an outlet? Put it down by the driver's left leg or somewhere out of reach of most.
And, 2. I was thinking, several people switch tires through the year, high traction, snow tires, summer tread. Maybe you found a set of tires that fit the wheel wells that you can put snow chains on, I don't know. But since all speedo/odometer readouts are based on the circumference of the tire and resulting number of rotations per mile, why can't we have a place in the computer to put the rotations per mile so the speedometer is exact no matter what set of tires you use?
At least I'm not recommending that we plug into the onboard 110 volt outlet to charge the car while we drive!!!

BYT | January 12, 2011

I actually wish they would leave the option open to charge the car while driving! Why you may ask? I would have to be left out of future technology options because the capability wasn't there. An alternative power source that you may want to load up in your Model S to increase distance by charging the onboard battery while driving. I can think of a few light and high power producing options that we maybe able to implement in a few years to make this a reality. At least give us the option to switching onboard charging on/off.

BYT | January 12, 2011

would have to be = would HATE to be

evepic321 | January 16, 2011

I'd like a sunroof! i have a 09 s80 and the only thing I dont like about it is that it doesnt have a sunroof! also awd or fwd would be nice

Brian H | January 16, 2011

Extended range vehicles with liquid fuel putt-putt motors are available. They will never be available from Tesla.
Charging. Driving. Pick one.

BYT | January 18, 2011

@Brian H, to that I say why? Why be closed minded about it? Maybe not in this generation of Model S but for future ones because we never know what the future holds (although I have seen the potential and wouldn't want to miss out on the opportunity).

Vawlkus | January 18, 2011

Elon has said in the past that Tesla will all electric Abe nothing else. Take it up with him if you have a beef; me? I'm in agreement with Elon; we do NOT need gas to get around, and it's high time we got off the bottle, or barrel in this case.

msiano17 | January 18, 2011

bottom line, they need to be comparable to the german luxury brands, which they have already boasted that they will be marketing towards the same consumers:

so heated/cooled front seats
heated rear seats
multi-contour active seating w/lumbar support
heated steering wheel
voice connectivity to control GPS/radio etc
instant traffic on GPS
satellite radio
upgradable sound system (bang/olufsen or such)
memory seats (mirror memory to seats & programmable to keypads)
rear-view camera
parking sensor
active cruise control
lane assist
park assist
blind spot detection
retractable headlight washers
power rear/side sunshades
privacy glass/tinted windows
ipod/usb adapters
heads-up display (see BMW for example)
adaptive headlight controls (self balancing/turning w/wheels)
rear-seat side air bags

i do not think buying an electric luxury sedan should be any different than buying an ICE luxury sedan ... the luxury features need to be offered for it to be comparable to the market Tesla is focusing on .. and from everything I have read and employees at Tesla i have spoken to, that is their vision also, no sacrifices

and a few people did point out the more features the bigger the drain on the battery ... even though that point is true, it is something that Tesla can fix easy and with each feature put the Wattage or Amps the option consumes and how it can affect your range (i.e. blaring your radio with A/C on will drain range quickly)

BYT | January 19, 2011

I agree with you and Elon that Tesla will be about electric and nothing else and I was never contesting that statement. I had a vision completely different and one that never involved a secondary fuel source that wasn’t electric based. Idea’s that are not feasible now like manipulating wind energy as the car cuts through the air or much high wattage producing solar panels to charge the car while driving. I even picture maybe one-day 15 to 30 mile strips of power running down a very straight highway like we have here in California, HWY 5 between Sacramento and Los Angeles that while the Model S drove over it at 60 MPH would get a 15 minute or 30 minute charge while driving over the strip depending on it’s length.

Timo | January 19, 2011

Wind energy from car movement is perpetual machine thinking. It wont ever work, because all the energy in that wind originates from the car battery. You just circulate that energy back with losses.

Solar is too weak to be useful even with 100% conversion for movement (but not to recharge, if you just have time to wait).

Resonating magnetic coils probably are too expensive and power requirements too high to be useful either.

You might get some very advanced power generators not so far in the future, or not, but for now only things that really work are ICE (with variable fuels), HFC:s (with nonexisting infrastructure) and batteries.

David70 | January 19, 2011

Harnessing power from headwind would only increase drag, and thus reduce overall efficiency. You already get reduced drag with a tailwind. We'd need an aeronautical engineer to tell if crosswind could be harnessed without causing other problems.

You'd have to have drastically increased solar panel efficiency to do much good from that, and then cost would probably be very prohibitive, covering every bit of surface with panels, as with the electric car(s) in the TV show Eureka. Remember that maximum solar insolation (IIRC) is about 1kW/m^2.

On the other hand, buying electric power from the state via strips in the roadway might actually work. Again you would have to talk to Tesla's engineers to see how practical that would be.

Vawlkus | January 20, 2011

We did a little research on that already David, and the losses between the rail and the car/receptor are significant, AND there's a safety issue with having that much power on or near the road's surface. Add in snow removal technologies (plow trucks) and you've got a real mess on your hands ;)

JohnEC | February 9, 2011

Yeah, but what if someone finally does invent that portable Mr. Fusion? We wouldn't want to have to throw away our Model S's and go buy DeLoreans would we? ;-)

Timo | February 10, 2011

If Focus Fusion (dense plasma focus) succeeds and someone invents a barrier that can stop those few neutrons that aneutronic fusion generates, it is possible that we can actually have "Mr Fusion" at some point. Few times to Mars and back with single tank of fuel, and power that dragsters could only dream about.

VolkerP | February 10, 2011

To all of you interested in "endless energy":

go read SF author Frederik Pohl's story collection Midas World (german: "Der Herr der Himmel"). The stories unwind from a genius inventor who makes fusion reaction work. They end at the point where the earth is completely wrecked by the greed and hedonism of the human race.

I find it a very plausible extrapolation from what access to endless energy would do to our civilization.

Timo | February 10, 2011

How? When clean energy is freely available there is no need for wars of energy resources, no pollution from generating it or anything else that is side-effect of such technology.

Greed still stays, obviously, but it isn't increased, and one major source of suffering is gone. What's left after that is cultural and religious disputes, once we have civilized ourselves enough to get rid of those, then we are one globe without suffering of any kind.

Cheap unlimited clean energy means clean water and food for everyone also, if the will is there to be found. Lets "terraform" Sahara as a first step. That's in the region of the globe that should be really fertile area.

Roblab | February 11, 2011

You look different than me. You think differently than me. I am afraid of you. I have a large family, and you have a better place than me. I want more space. I want larger spaces with no neighbors. You don't belong to my community, my gang, my club. You have insulted me, disrespected me.
Not all killing is based on energy.