Model X - Optional Panoramic Roof / Tinting / Cover

Model X - Optional Panoramic Roof / Tinting / Cover


I am interested in reserving the Model X, my only concern is regarding the all glass roof. On the S as you know, the panoramic roof is optional however it appears that it is not on the X. On our current cars, we always drive with the sunroof closed to prevent direct sunlight on the head and/or face. Do you think a solid roof would be available on the X down the line? If not, I believe that the roof on the X would be somewhat factory tinted, would adding an extra coating of tint black it out or even electronic tinting be possible (Did anyone do it on their panoramic roof on the S). Do you think Tesla or a 3rd party can possibly release a solid cover for the roof? We currently have four cars, and plan on replacing our 2014 Acura MDX with the Model X, are they compatible in size as well (leg room, storage, etc...)

Thank you

EternalChampion | September 27, 2015

The Model S roof doesn't need any tinting, although I llive in the Midwest. Drivers in the Southwest/Florida may feel differently.

carlk | September 27, 2015

The tinting on the Model S is more than enough for me who live in the sunny Northern California. I had the option of adding tint film to pano roof when I has windows and windshield tinted but most people said that is not necessary so I left it alone.

KMTG | September 27, 2015

I am in Southern California and it has been in the 90's for the past few months already. How effective is the tinting on the panoroof? My family does not like the sun especially when driving in the evening, when the sun is beaming into the car from the side windows, we end up hanging towels from the coat hangers.

KMTG | September 27, 2015

Is there anything you can compare the Model S panoroof tint too? Such as limousines tint, is it darker?

carlk | September 27, 2015

I got PhotoSync 55 all windows and 75 on the windshield of my S. I left the pano roof alone without anything other than the factory tint. I never got the interior temp above 120F or the black leather seats hot even after sitting under the sun in the hottest days for a long time. We can get to 90's in the summer and the sun is even harsher here since there usuall is very little smog to aborb the IR rays. I would have windshield tint film extended to the top just for the one piece look when I got my X even if it's not necessary for heat insulation. You could certainly tint the roof anyway you like if you still think there is a problem.

leh22a | September 27, 2015

In the S, I've noticed that the glass roof is a non issue. We live in Texas with temps and humidity well worse then the average state, especially in the summer. It's a clear temp and intensity difference when I place my hand under the windshield as oppose to the glass roof. Your skin feels hot when the sun shines through the door Windows or windshield but completely cool under the glass roof. Almost as if it were completely covered but not...

socalsam | September 27, 2015

I live in Arizona and have a Model S. I was worried about the Arizona sun with the panoroof. in 23000 miles of driving, has never been an issue. No additional tinting needed for the S. I can only imagine the X is similar.

ken | September 28, 2015

@socalsam, thanks for this posting. I too am in AZ at least 1/2 of each year and was wondering about the internal temp. Are you going to be at the MX launch tomorrow?

KMTG | September 28, 2015

I heard rumors about Smart Glass or some sort of electronic tint on the Model X. Do you think we will see it upon release tomorrow?

KMTG | September 30, 2015

Do you think some cover would be available for the Model X windshield? Is it well tinted from heat and sunlight.

KMTG | September 30, 2015

Does the panoramic roof do a good job blocking the light itself and defuse it?

Currently, when driving in the evening, my family hangs blankets to prevent sunlight from blinding their eyes and face.

SongWhistler | September 30, 2015

Above available for Model S -- seems likely to become an offering for X if enough people want it.

KMTG | September 30, 2015


I hope they do, that would be the best solution.

jdb | September 30, 2015

35,000 miles and counting with MS with pano roof in sunny South Florida (south of Miami, Zone 11 for horticulturalists) and no issues at all. Looking forward to getting MX with extended front windshield.

JeffreyR | September 30, 2015

Try to search for info on the Pano roof. I remember seeing quantitative numbers on the factory tint of the Pano roof. Most people on this forum have not tinted it further. My wife has a health condition that makes her extremely sensitive to sunlight. I will let you all know what she things of the new Model X windshield. She will just wear a hat too so the kids can enjoy the pano roof.

KMTG | September 30, 2015

Thanks @JeffreyR
Thanks for keeping us posted. When did you reserve your Model X?