More Detail In The Soec Sheet Please

More Detail In The Soec Sheet Please

I assume the differ battery versions of the Model S will have different weights. I would like to see that reflected in the published specs. I'm also curious about ride height in the non-adjustable suspension version of the car and wonder if that too changes the weight of the car much, especially since suspension weight can influence handling.

I may be expecting too much.

HansJ | January 18, 2013

Tesla has said over and over that the 85 kWh battery and the 60 kWh battery are the same weight and have the same number of cells. The difference is the type of cells which does not effect the weight.

ddruz | January 19, 2013

@HansJ - Would appreciate it if you could quote your source on your statement. It does not correspond with other reports so I'd like to get to the bottom of it.

nickjhowe | January 19, 2013

Way back at the Oct 2011 factory launch event an engineer told me what Hans said. They also said the 40kWh uses the same batteries as 60kWh, just fewer of them. How true these statements are is anyone's guess.