Observations from the Model X Launch

Observations from the Model X Launch

We were pleasantly surprised about 2 weeks ago with an invite to the Model X Launch.

We own a Roadster and Model S, but don't have a Model X on order...


I wonder if the invite was the sneaky way that Tesla is getting us to want to pick up a Model X.

Either way, with a little under a week since the event...

Here's the post with our pictures and quick observations from the Model X Launch party.

Mark Z | October 5, 2015

Thanks Dennis for the link. It was great to see you both at the event.

Everyone gets a slightly different angle to the Model X vehicles in their pictures and videos. I appreciated seeing the close ups showing the details.

Model X Signature should be delivered in the near future for the OC Tesla group to have a closer look.

AEdennis | October 5, 2015


The better half and I were glad to see you as well as others from our group at Fremont.

I am glad you took a photo of the trunk on your flickr stream and look forward to seeing your Sig Red at one of our events in the future.

Hopefully the one for this month, if not next month's.

--Dennis | October 5, 2015

Nice work! You certainly have a good attitude.
No frustrating you.

Red Sage ca us | October 7, 2015

Thanks for the impressions! The Blue looks great on you, too!

Ankit Mishra | October 7, 2015

Wow! Thanks for hard work.

Shesmyne2 | October 7, 2015

Well done, as always Dennis!
Lucky you guys makin the cut!
X in your future??

Still Grinning ;-)

AEdennis | October 8, 2015

I never say never... We went in with impressions that we didn't want the car, nor need it.

We still don't need it, but we definitely want it.

Now a CPO program in 3 years when Tesla comes out with the P120Q for Quad motor.... And the pice for 90D is close to CPO Model S now,,, yes,,, definitely tempted.