Passager door handle doesn't retract

Passager door handle doesn't retract

Notice tonight that rear door handle doesn't retract and light stays on. What can be done ?

TeslaOR | December 15, 2014

I brought mine in to the SC and they replaced the handle assembly.

ehudson | December 15, 2014

Same day ? Did they consider it a safety issue?

jbunn | December 15, 2014


Lock your car, then put the fob out of reach. Try the front door to see if the car responds to your touch. If not, good. Proceed with the next test. Now that you've verified, the car is locked, try the rear door handle that is open. Does the car open?

It's possible that the extended handle and the locking function are two separate pieces of hardware, and that the car can be locked, even with that handle extended.

Let us know.

And don't worry about that light running your battery down. The car can power that for a year or three.

sbeggs | December 16, 2014

In 9 months of ownership, this anomaly has happened twice, to the front passenger door handle. @jbunn is correct in saying that the light (LED) won't run down your battery. For us, the issue was also that there was a screeching noise associated with the failure to retract.

Your Service Center will take about an hour to remove inner door panel, extract the assembly, which is about 8" x 7". It's just a "remove and replace" item.

Other than that, the door handle sticking in open position is the only problem we have had. What VIN number is your car? Ours is 32723.

Pungoteague_Dave | December 16, 2014

This is a common problem, a known design issue. All four if my handles were replaced twice. Take it in.

David Trushin | December 16, 2014

Common in the sense of mundane, easily recognized and easily fixed. Other than upgrading to the new handles, i've had one old handle replaced in 2 years of ownership.

NKYTA | December 16, 2014

I'm on the three original handles with the drivers side rear door upgraded. Recently the passengers side rear door handle "stuck" and you can only open that door from the inside handle. Will be addressed next week at my 2yr.

Captain_Zap | December 16, 2014


That was the old door handle design. Now long, long gone.

PhillyGal | December 16, 2014

Our same exact one doesn't work (rear, passenger) and it took us a week and a half to notice. We are opting to wait a few weeks for repair because it's not the dire to us and it fits in better with our and our service centers time availability.

We'll also ask them to look at the pano roof. Ours leaked (2 drips) last weekend when it was raining for a long while and we parked outside on a front-facing decline. After driving away that is. But I was there to absorb the drips - no leather was harmed in the making of that gym run.

Azdcmoney | December 16, 2014

Check ur user manual, u can pull out the fuse and then reseed it and that has worked for me twice. I haven't had the problem in 18 months.

MitchP85D | December 16, 2014

When I had my 12,500 mile check-up, the Tesla rep who drove a loaner car out to me noticed my right rear door handle did not retract. I never noticed the problem. Tesla replaced both rear door handles. All is well.

Brian H | December 17, 2014

Reseating will work better than reseeding.

Anthony J. Parisio | December 17, 2014

I had the same leak on passenger side. It only happened after heavy rain once I level off from nose down parking never any other time. Like you said a few drips would land on my dog making her very confused. So naturally after a heavy rain I'd grab the dog and level the car off. After a couple months of this I let them fix it. I mean what if the dog was't in the seat! The leather might get wet. LOL But seriously, it is a very simple easy fix. They know about it. Take two seconds.

PhillyGal | December 17, 2014

@Anthony, Thanks!
That's why we aren't too worried and opted to wait until mid-January to have them take a look at this and the door handle issue (that took us 10 days to even notice.) No rush because neither are huge issues.

Pungoteague_Dave | December 17, 2014

The door handle issue happened with both old and newly engineered examples on my car. It was eventually sorted but is apparently a potential problem on recent cars too.

erestoradvisory | September 15, 2019

On August 21, my driver door handle had the same problem. A couple of days later a software update downloaded and for some reason the problem was fixed. Then a week or so after I parked to go to a Chipotle but forgot something inside the car and went to open the car door just as the handles were retracting apparently causing the driver's side handle to lock up again. I set up an appointment for the 10th of September but another software update downloaded the first week of September and the next morning the handle was working fine again. I kept my appointment with the mobile service on the 10th and my great service guy also told me it was a microswitch but could not explain why the software updates my clear the issue. He did mention it was a known problem. I know it's a kind of weird experience and just wanted to share. Cheers.

Bighorn | September 15, 2019

Why copy/paste to a zombie when there’s a current thread? Doubt the FW updates have any impact on the micro switch. Correlation not causality.