Personal Confession, my feelings with my Model S

Personal Confession, my feelings with my Model S

Hi All,

I had to write to confess this morning that I woke up with an extra big smile on my face, and extra skip in my step and a confidence and happiness that I must admit I haven't felt in a REALLY long time. I feel really weird about it too!! Is it normal for a car to give one such a great feeling that is contagious, others have noticed, and my wife jokes that I love the car more then her (which isn't true, it's just new). Anyway, wanted to share my confession and get opinions. I really love the car and have to wonder if this is how Elon feels all the time, well, when he's not worrying about Tesla Motors, SpaceX and Solar City that is? :)

JZ13 | January 4, 2013

I have brought everyone I know to the Tesla store and given them the sales pitch. Last w/e while I was showing the car to 1 friend, 2 other sets of friends happened to stop by and I gave them the pitch as well. I was there over an hour working for Tesla!!!! Working for free and loving it!!!! So far I have convinced 2 friends to plunk down a deposit. You can say I am drunk on the Kool-Aid. I've spec'd my car out patiently awaiting the delivery button to show up.

Brian H | January 4, 2013

For your subsequent posts, you can insert the Heart symbol directly. It's easy. Hold down the Alt key, enter 3 on the numeric keypad, and release! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ....

Brian H | January 4, 2013

The above applies to PCs. For Mac, some Apple user can give the equivalent. There are many other symbols etc. available, too. ☺♀☻♦↕► ...

christine_orita | January 4, 2013

Brian H, thanks for the tip.
Let me try it.

Oops! I don't frigging know where the alt key is on my iPad :-(

I will have to go to my trusty laptop to try it out (as you're suggesting in the 1st place :-) )

Mark Z | January 5, 2013

It's been over six weeks with the Model S. The new software remapped the pedal and the feel of the acceleration is better than ever. Being able to hold the steering wheel button and say "Drive to Tesla Supercharger" and they or any other destination you say is on the screen and ready for navigation selection.

The comfort of the seats, the outrageous "live" sound quality of the radio, plus the Slacker Internet radio choices make it a memorable experience. This is the vehicle I want to drive as much as possible.

Smooth quiet roads make the Model S even better. Set the cruise control for extra luxury. Your guests will appreciate all the extra room that makes their ride comfortable as well. After driving a Volt for a year, I can truly say I appreciate the extra size in width and length that gives the Model S the feel of "just the right size."

Thanks to all at Tesla Motors for a magnificent ride and a spectacular car.

lightly | January 5, 2013

In reading all of your posts I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who is obsessed with Tesla.

New Word --Teslaholic.

I too:
check the boards several times a day
Have 2 different Tesla jackets
Have the license plate frame that says my next car is electric Tesla
Have my new vanity plate on my Prius
Bring friends to the local Tesla store (the employees know me by name)
Will speak to business associates and friends (or anyone who will listen) about Tesla
Own TSLA stock
The list can go on and on

Are there any TA (teslaholics anonymous) meetings around? My wife thinks I need help. Lol

yoda | January 5, 2013

FInally...a diagnosis for my ailment. I feel relieved that I am not the only Teslaholic.
christine_orita and lightly - I am right up there with you.

I wonder if my symptoms will change once I receive my MS?

SSL161 | January 5, 2013


No. Direct exposure only increases the symptoms.

BYT | January 5, 2013

Before receiving my Model S, I was obsessing on these forums as well and can relate to my fellow Teslaholics! We need to get that word in the Urban Dictionary! :D

Now that I HAVE my Model S, I don't want to see another gas guzzling car on the road and get annoyed that I have to breath in the fumes like second hand smoke. I all of the sudden want to do all the chores that require taking out my Model S (except for trips that involve food). I fight through traffic to get at the front of the line at the stop light, turn on my rear camera and burn through the electrons watching the traffic disappear behind me and my passengers (who don't get car sick) get really giddy as I tell them to watch the screen. At the next light, the cars around me stop and look and must be thinking either A) what a maniac or B) what the hell just happened.

Yeah, your level Teslaholicism doesn't go away, it will just transform like a caterpillar into a butterfly and you will wake up with a Tesla grin hoping that the sun is out, the roads are dry and traffic is light!

mw | January 5, 2013

I reserved Dec 12, 2011 & took delivery Oct 2, 2012. I spent countless hours on these forums, much to my husband's dismay. As of today, I have 3,871 miles on my Model S. I am very aware that people are checking out the car and not me! I even had a guy in a pick up truck in front of me at a stop sign taking pictures with his phone. That was quite hilarious.

There is one guy at work that I refuse to take for a ride in my car. He's an ICE snob, kinda my way of punishing him for dissing my car. Go ahead and brag about your Trans Am! I have the 2013 MT car of the year LOL

For all you still waiting for your Model S... when you get the car you'll spend more time in it than on these forums. It's worth every second you have to wait! Well gotta go driving and check out the new software update I finally got ☺

BYT | January 5, 2013

@mw, awesome! "There is one guy at work that I refuse to take for a ride in my car. He's an ICE snob, kinda my way of punishing him for dissing my car. Go ahead and brag about your Trans Am! I have the 2013 MT car of the year LOL" I love that!

Sometimes when I come up to my Model S, I'm happy to share all about it, I have to admit however that sometimes I run late (bad habit) and walk up to my Model S and pretend to be on my cell phone so I can make a quicker exit.

Desai | January 5, 2013

Originally Posted by tdubb
Sometimes when I come up to my Model S, I'm happy to share all about it, I have to admit however that sometimes I run late (bad habit) and walk up to my Model S and pretend to be on my cell phone so I can make a quicker exit.

Will definitely be doing this when I get mine too.

docdac | January 5, 2013

@mw - if you really want to fishtail this rear wheel drive car, you need to take off the Traction Control, because that is one of the things TC is made to prevent. Having said that, I would leave traction control on almost all the time, because it is truly a great safety feature.

gagliardilou | January 5, 2013

My wife also jokes I love the car more than her which is obviously not true. I soooo enjoy my model s and I tell people I really believe that it is the nicest car in the world. I don't care what car I see on the road, if it has an ICE I have no interest at all and would not even want it. So it must be electric and Tesla is obviously the top of the line. Drive on!

Captain_Zap | January 5, 2013

True confession:

I was torn. I was actually dragging my feet and kind of looking for an excuse to not go on our holiday cruise because we would be away from Tessie too long. Over 1500 miles on the road and I still haven't had enough play time. The weather on the cruise was great and the scenery was beautiful but I still had this compulsion to get home because of the darned car.

We went into a port a few days ago for some provisions and I saw someone getting out of a Signature Red Tesla that was almost identical to mine. I had to talk to the guy. The poor fellow was in a rush but still kindly gave me a moment of Tesla chat. Yep, our car had the same interior as well. Yep, I loved the car too.
I was ready to get back home.

This is not normal behavior. The honeymoon is far from over.

Arturo M | January 6, 2013

I experienced some trepidation:
1. The finishes and details just aren't at the level of my 2012 Cayenne.
2. Missing many features I like on my Cayenne (adaptive cruise control, lane change assist, parking sensors and guide lines, etc...)
3. Software bugs galore.

But all sins are forgiven when you feel that silent rush of acceleration! Every day I drive it has me more convinced. Time to list the Cayenne for sale...

EcLectric | January 6, 2013

After getting my Model S on Dec 22, I finally got around to selling my Subaru. I had not driven the Subaru, which I used to really love to do - since getting Model S. I had to drive the Subaru to the dealer to sell it. I had already forgotten all the rumbles, groans, squeaks, etc. of the Subaru. The Model S had spoiled me in just a couple of weeks.

I gave a co-worker a ride in the Model S this week. He is into motorsports and appreciates fast cars and motorcycles. I showed him the acceleration from about 20 to 60 mph and he was blown away! When we returned to work, I'll never forget his comment: "You've ruined me!"

Brian H | January 6, 2013

Hah! Drive an S once, and become an X-ICE driver! It becomes ridiculous to depend on all those explosions: bangity-bang, pop-pop, putt-putt. Silly!

BYT | January 6, 2013

So true, driving an ICE at this point just feels to irresponsible and wasteful to me. And it's no fun anyway compared to the Model S so why do it? :D

mw | January 6, 2013

docdac: AHHHHH! Thanks for reminding me about TC. My 1995 Camaro didn't have TC, so duh that is the difference. Atleast I know the TC works. The snow is going to be completely gone end of this week, so I'll have to wait for the next snow fall. There is just something about sliding around on snow that makes me so happy :)

Brian H | January 6, 2013

Stability Control (pointing in the right direction) will still interfere with your sliding fun in the snow somewhat, and is harder to turn off (think you have to pull the right fuse). Really, the MS is not made for irresponsible goofballs (goofgals?) like you‼ ☻☺

Big Tex | January 6, 2013

When I fishtailed it was with TC on, with dry pavement- it's possible so don't rely too heavily on the TC. It's still good to take every other precaution- if you want to avoid that.

Brian H | January 7, 2013

Someone got sideways; pothole in the ice, one tire on pavement, the rest free-skating. It was happening to ICEs and EVs, no favorites!

DigitalSavant | January 9, 2013

I have to confess that I am in love with my car. A couple of weeks after taking delivery of my Model S, I took an extended trip to Hawaii. I've only been away for a few days now, and I miss my car as I would an old friend. My rental car sucks. I wish the smartphone app was available so I could at least check in once in a while to see what it's up to. :)

wrinkledoc | September 7, 2014

I currently drive an Audi A7 which I do love. I test drove the Tesla S 85 ( not performance) and since that test drive I have been thinking about ordering one. Yesterday I test drove the new BMW M4 and it was very coarse compared to the Tesla. My only two reservations about the Tesla is that I have heard there is no iPod connectivity as well as no blind spot monitoring. Any idea when these might be available? I feel the gravitational pull of the Tesla S and can't escape!

centralvalley | September 7, 2014


If you use the back up camera while driving, you can virtually eliminate any blind spot for lane changes or turns on either side by combining the mirrors with the view in the camera. I use this technique in heavier traffic, and it has not failed me yet!

karmamule | September 7, 2014

@wrinkledoc, if it's a newer iPod then it'll have bluetooth and you can use that. If it's an older iPod, well, if you can afford a Tesla then I think it's time to upgrade your iPod!! ;-)