Power Grid

Power Grid

Amazing auto, awesome tech. work, but I was wondering about the future when electrics outnumber fossil fuel cars, when millions hook up their cars at night what happens to the power grid? Will we have rolling car "blackout" days?

Brian H | August 28, 2013

The power needs will be made up by the reduced demand for refining gasoline. That trade-off is almost break-even.

ian | August 28, 2013

Not to mention the increased grid efficiency that will have occurred by then. We're talking many decades out in the future anyway.

bonaire | August 28, 2013

Brian - maybe require gas refiners to formulate from 11pm to 8am :)

EVs will some day be able to get signals from the Grid that says "cut your charge rate by 50% for 1/2 hour". That is fine since many EVs do not require full charges to get home - but all charge events tend to be "to a full charge".

EV makers do not do it yet but need to do what we used to do when we were a kid. Remember putting in $5 of gas to get around for the evening? Well, how about an EV charging choice to "Add 20 kWh and stop".

Hi_Tech | August 29, 2013

I can see a power grid revolution happening in parallel. As the solar tech becomes cheaper and more efficient, people will be utilizing locally generated power. This will reduce the load on the power companies and also the inefficiencies of transferring power over the lines for long distances.
Once the batteries improve (cost, density, etc.), that could help completely take you off of the grid, for a cost effecitve option.
To put it in simple terms, the 85kWh has enough power to run my house for 3 days.

Haeze | August 30, 2013

Even without local power generation, the toughest you would see, is the power companies will implement time-of-day rates like they do in California, and a few other states. They will charge the most for power at peak hours, and the least at off-peak. Every mass-produced plug-in vehicle I have seen has the ability to schedule when it starts charging, so you will not be over-taxing the grid, as everyone will simply charge in off-peak hours, making the power generation for a power plant no more taxing that it currently is.