Prairie Winter

Prairie Winter

Can the Tesla battery survive the winter in Canada? There are places that get to -40c regularly with blizzard & ice conditions. Can the Tesla line hold up for this? The biggest complaint I hear about EV in general is that 'they couldn't survive our winter'. So, I ask the big guns, "Can they?"
- I love promoting EVs. I love the idea of them, and would consider buying one if they can survive out here. Fuel prices are continually on the rise here ($1.359 / litre or $5.14 / us gallon). Tesla' amazing rise and quality make me want to see it thrive up here too. But could it survive? Have they done testing?

Tobbias | May 30, 2013

Just found a link to these guys this morning

They are setting up EV charging stations across Canada and it looks like they use some Tesla's in testing. Some of the videos show them in heavy snow and cold.

They would most likely have all the info you need if you were to contact them.

Brian H | May 30, 2013

It seems that with appropriate care and facilities (plugs and power), the MS survives in Canada and in the Polar North of Norway, but takes a performance hit similar to ICE cars in terms of mileage etc. The Traction Control is superior in general (millisec responsiveness, finely controllable torque, etc.)

Joshua Burstyn | May 30, 2013

When I drove this winter and the weather was -12c, there was a significant hit to mileage. Nevertheless the car was perfectly usable.

Furthermore I can assume since Norway is a major market that Tesla vehicles work at least reasonably well in the cold. Then again, every vehicle suffers in the cold...

alanwwebb | May 30, 2013

Model S cold weather climate testing. Minnesota.