Replacement parts for the Model S

Replacement parts for the Model S

I wonder how long until they have one of these for the Model S? It is really amazing there is one for the Roadster!

stevenmaifert | December 19, 2012

LOL! I want to get a spare Flux Capacitor just in case :)

dborn | December 19, 2012

I guess there could be some ozone emissions.....didn't know they were dangerous though except in very high doses.......!

Brian H | January 2, 2013

It fits over the driver's face, and converts his death-breath.

Dr. Bob Reinke | January 2, 2013

We already have been pulled over by a WHP with insufficient traffic stop records for the night, and told that we have to take our Tesla-S to a vehicle inspection station to have our exhaust tested for amplification.
At the local test station the WHP officer nearly fell down laughing. Said I had obvously encountered a reacent grad from the Waunakee WHP school, who was not yet dry behind his ears. A badge does not come with competence attached.

DTsea | January 2, 2013

What does test for amplification even mean?

DTsea | January 2, 2013

I get it- he notice there was no muffler! Apparently some states require mufflers and the statute hasnt caught up to EVs yet. Whodathunkit.

Dr. Bob Reinke | January 2, 2013


Means they put a microphone 10 feet from the back of your car and have you rev the engine. If it registers more than 80db they write you a ticket to get your exhaust repaired.
Told the inspector that my exhaust was missing---opened the frunk and showed him that my engine had been stolen too. Bet they are still laughing at the inspection station.
The smart assed punk who wrote the ticket will be ridiculed out of the WHP, or he's really going to be laying for me next time.

cprenzl | January 2, 2013

+dr, bob reinke
that is so funny

cprenzl | January 2, 2013

+dr, bob reinke
that is so funny

DTsea | January 2, 2013

That is very funny. I googled 'test for ampolification' and in California law, to avoid 'amplification of exhaust' (ie deliberately loud) they REQUIRE motor vehicles to have a muffler. So the young cop probably saw that there wasnt one and a VERY literal read (if Wisconsin has the same law) would say they have to cite you and send you to inspection station!

You kept your sense of humor in awesome fashion. Good job remembering rule number one of traffic safety: 'Don't argue with the young man on the motorcycle with a pistol.' (whether or not he is a police officer!)

Vawlkus | January 3, 2013

Ok, we need a thread for this kinda thing cause it is FREAKING FUNNY :D
I'm waiting for someone pulled over for something (no exhaust, coasting, etc) to open the frunk and watch the officer loose his mind trying to figure out how the car is moving with no engine!

Brian H | January 3, 2013

That's why I recommend having a hamster wheel in there. With a stuffed hamster in it.

Sudre_ | January 3, 2013

Brian that would be absolutely hilarious. Not hat this story wasn't funny enough.

Disneyland Ducky | January 3, 2013

I wonder if there is more to the story. Dr, "B"? Pretty critical of the officer. I''d think you would find it funny if it was only what you mention. I happen to know some WHP and they are pretty nice folks to be honest.

rlpm | January 3, 2013

@BrianH: Probably wouldn't be too difficult to wire this up in the frunk:


bobinfla | January 3, 2013

Too funny BrianH!

nickjhowe | January 3, 2013

@rlpm +1

Brian H | January 3, 2013

If only that was a video! Perfect. But it's set up to "run" only while someone is typing. That would need to be modded. ;)

Brian H | January 3, 2013

Only $50 for hours of innocent fun! Such a deal.

prash.saka | January 4, 2013

@Dr. Bob, thanks for sharing the story. Nice to start your day with a laughter.

~ Prash.

christine_orita | January 4, 2013

I check the forum several times everyday but passed this over initially as I don't even have the car yet so didn't think I needed to read about spare parts.

But having exhausted almost all the new items, I decided to take a look at this.

Boy! Am I glad I did.
This is soooo hilarious, I almost fell of my chair. I even had the thought of how i would implement Brian's brilliant plan for an engine in the frunk ...

Thanks Dr Bob and BH!