Software Upgrade 4.1

Software Upgrade 4.1

This morning I was prompted to upgrade my software to what I assume is Version 4.1 from my current 4.0 version. I seem to be one of the lucky ones that has had very few issues with my car which has now logged 1000 miles. Can any one tell me what version 4.1 is supposed to address before I make the decision to upgrade the software? Thanks

TGoodman | January 18, 2013

would like to know the same.

it would be nice to have a release notes button on the update dialogue box.

Brian H | January 18, 2013

It may be 4.2, the update/fix of 4.1 -- you might as well go for it. In for a penny, in for a pound‼

TheAustin | January 18, 2013

Was it definitely 4.1? I got an update alert this morning too, but was in a rush, so just hit Schedule...Now I can't remember if it was for 4.1 or 4.2. When my car was delivered on 12/30, my Delivery Specialist told me that he believed that there were significant bugs in 4.1 that they weren't going to push that update anymore, and just proceed with 4.2, and that was almost three weeks ago. Now I wish I had paid more attention :/

PaceyWhitter | January 18, 2013

4.2 is supposed to fix the windshild wipers and the pano roof (reporsts are that you no longer have to push the button twice). It is also supposed to disable sleep mode as it seems it was the cause of many glitches.

mcollester | January 18, 2013

It could be 4.2. The update screen doe not say. Has anyone updated to 4.2 or have the release notes for either 4.1 or 4.2?

PaceyWhitter | January 18, 2013
stevenmaifert | January 19, 2013

Is the sleep mode really causing glitches, or are people trying to use some of the features before the car fully wakes up and they think it's glitching? I have 4.1 with sleep mode enabled. I have noticed that it can take up to a minute for things like the media center to be fully operational, but the car is drivable immediately. I haven't experienced any problems that I would call glitches attributable to sleep mode. So now we are back to the enduring the vampire load while TM sorts it out. Not happy!

nickjhowe | January 19, 2013

Hmmm it is puzzling why they disabled it. I left my car at the airport for 4 days (with 4.0 software) and lost a total of 10 miles. Last night I updated to 4.2 - guess the drain is going to be much more when go to the airport again in a couple of weeks.