Supercharger Expansion

Supercharger Expansion

Network will triple in size in a month.

So that happened about a year ahead of schedule. Or at least as I was expecting as an investor.

Probably going to boost sales in new (to supercharging at least) markets.

I pared back my investment but I'm still long a years salary or so. Nice to see things happening ahead a schedule... Certainly we need to be acting ahead of schedule to begin to justify this price advance.

The more mainstream these are the better for sales and with these opening in a month - they've been under construction for probably a while already. Hopefully we have used some capital raised from the secondary to even further accelerate things going forward.

Brian H | May 30, 2013

Here's a writeup from a couple of weeks ago by an Energy investment tout, suggesting Tesla has the cat-bird seat in the EV market, but might be a risky investment for a while. So he suggests investing in Natural Gas plays and buying a MS with the profits!