Brian H | April 6, 2013

"Dominate" China? Good luck with that.

Rhinotyme | April 7, 2013

That's the attitude Americans once held for those funny little foreign cars from Japan. Now, Honda is the most trusted brand in the US. Remember when Toyota first came here? Now, try to imagine an America without the Camry, Prius....

FLsportscarenth... | April 8, 2013


America gets along just fine without Toyota... Whilst the big three messed up with quality and marketing in recent decades they have certainly made a cultural contribution... America without the Mustang and Camaro... now that is another story!

Detroit Electric in its current incarnation is just a badge engineered Proton...

Rhinotyme | April 8, 2013

"America gets along just fine without Toyota..." Thanks, FL, I needed a good laugh.

FLsportscarenth... | April 8, 2013


Toyota makes and sells a lot of econobox cars worldwide, they gained a lot of market share in recent decades in North America due to the Detroit big three being out of touch with quality issues, they and Honda get the practical issues... But that is changing, Toyota's quality has been slipping and American cars are becoming more competitive.

Americans and Europeans who love cars get the car as art... Like a classy suit or style you wear driving down the road, it says something about you... You feel the performance and personality of the car. People see a classic and it inspires them... A classic Mustang or Camaro reminds us that America was once a great and powerful nation, a nation that sent men to the moon and where every citizen could command the freedom of the open road and even the son of the poorest immigrant could become a CEO or President.

The presence of large numbers of rounded shapeless imports from East Asia reminds us off how America failed and declined from the stagflation plagued 1970's till today, with our government in hock to Communist China! Riding around in a Camry or Prius is like wearing a T-shirt declaring that I am an unimaginative drone and drive as a mere practicality, it declares America as a defeated nation with a dead soul...

One of the most exciting things to happen in recent years is to see the Roadsters and Model S's coming on the the roads. Clean, elegant and powerful like an american car should be, Tesla is the best hope for the automobile. It gives you hope and pride that better things are ahead.

The SP.01 is a Tesla Roadster as I can see with a higher price, how will this 'dominate China' if the vast majority if them can not afford a Tesla?

Rhinotyme | April 9, 2013

For most Americans, driving to and from work is a mere practicality.

Rhinotyme | April 9, 2013

A Mustang isn't so much a status symbol as it is a security blanket.

Rhinotyme | April 9, 2013

"Detroit Electric in its current incarnation is just a badge engineered Proton..."

Much like the Tesla Roadster is a badge engineered tZero.

FLsportscarenth... | April 12, 2013


Well if you (and other Toyota and Honda drivers) have not already, I do hope you will consider buying american for your next vehicle. Model S IS the best sedan on the road and it is made here in the US...

I see it being a new american icon, proof that american industry can learn from its mistakes and regain its former glory (wish they would find a good north american source for batteries though!)

If the S is too expensive I do hope you will consider a Volt (you can now get a lightly used one for about $25k) It is a good practical car for the less well off, until Gen III is out.

Houses are practical too but style and quality is a major feature for most Americans. Considering the amount of time you spend in your car it makes sense that it should be something both practical and with a style you like.