Tesla factory shut down because of power outage!

Tesla factory shut down because of power outage!

Just heard on NPR that a crane either dropped something through the main power supply line to the Tesla Factory or the crane itself took out the powerline. Maybe they should invest in battery backup systems. I bet they could get in the front of the line for the PowerWall. Power was suppose to be restored this afternoon.

vandacca | August 14, 2015

Thanks @ken for the breaking news...
Sounds like this may lead to another delay in the Model-X. :o)

ken | August 14, 2015

Maybe, but they said that it would only be for 1/2 day or so. Can't use that excuse for very long.

socalsam | August 14, 2015

Ken- it hasn't stopped them this far. Remember, this is the same company that said they didnt meet their delivery estimates because people were on vacation. lol

ken | August 14, 2015

How about if we tell them to work Saturday to make up for the lost day!

socalsam | August 14, 2015

hell- with an over 2 year delay- if they are not already working saturdays- we have an issue. :)

Ankit Mishra | August 14, 2015

Its the awakening of Model X that caused the power outage- reliable sources.

eric.zucker | August 14, 2015

The real issue is if an abrupt power failure impacts tooling. Some computers just need a long time to come back up, but machines (milling, drilling, welding, etc) can do loads of damage if not shutdown properly.

jjs | August 14, 2015

Great. Now the model X will start shipping after the Model 3 starts shipping. Just great.

grant10k | August 14, 2015

I would assume Tesla, of all places, would have enough backup juice to safely shut down the equipment.

ian | August 14, 2015

Oh, they have loads of batteries aleady in place. In one of JB's talks he shows pictures of said batteries.

ian | August 14, 2015

That's the one! Thanks cmcnestt! ;-)

ken | August 15, 2015

But are they hooked up to anything?

ian | August 15, 2015

Apparently not enough to keep the factory running for a day!

EternalChampion | August 15, 2015

Those power Elon's disco balls in his office. There are multiple redundant power sources. The disco balls must never stop spinning.

ken | August 16, 2015

Hope I don't get one of the X's that was in production when the power went out, wheels might be on the falcon doors.

ian | August 16, 2015
eric.zucker | August 16, 2015

Any news if power was restored, and any damage to the production line and if production was able to resume?

eric.zucker | August 16, 2015

@ken: at this point I'd gladly take the Model X even if the wheels were on the roof.

Gayatrikr | August 17, 2015
the bonnie | August 17, 2015

Power was restored as of yesterday (Sunday, 8/16).

eric.zucker | August 17, 2015

@the bonnie: Thanks. Wow. It took quite some time to fix.
Hope none was hurt and that there was no significant damage.

ken | August 17, 2015

the bonnie | AUGUST 17, 2015

Thanks for the update, maybe this will be even more motivation to get off the grid for the factory.