Tesla Marketing: A little slap in the face maybe?

Tesla Marketing: A little slap in the face maybe?

Does it seem a little tone-deaf to anyone else that Tesla would start a new marketing campain to celebrate reaching the mark of one billion electric miles driven right a the time when we are all waiting with baited breath to hear about the Model X? | July 14, 2015

It will all become clear "soon".

DriverZ | July 14, 2015

"More details will be announced as production nears."

Is it safe to say that their are no details because production is not near?
Is this event a distraction to try to get some positive attention instead of frustrated howling? | July 14, 2015

Elon is aware of the frustration. At the annual shareholders meeting he referred to it as the "long awaited Model X".with a chuckle.

DriverZ | July 14, 2015

And he could barely restrain his mirth when he said: "I know, lets send all the reservation holders another e-mail that says absolutely nothing about the X, even though I previously said that more information would be forthcoming in July..."

Red Sage ca us | July 14, 2015

Hmmm... Maybe Elon would like it...

J-RiDE: Da Long Awaited

...I do!

jordanrichard | July 15, 2015

Sound like Elon is just as frustrated with their communications as we are.

casun | July 17, 2015

no, it does not seem tone deaf to me. never crossed my mind.

DriverZ | July 17, 2015

If today's press conference really is just about the S and its one billion miles driven, THEN will you all believe me that Telsa is intentionally playing with the emotions of the Model X reservation holders?

They always said the call would be about the S, so you can't really call it a bait and switch. But they also know that we are expecting more news on the X in July in order to give time for production before the end of the quarter. So announcing an announcement in July should be expected to get expectations up.

Eric | July 23, 2015

I give them a break on this one. It's not like TeslaMotors predicted or decided when their cars would collectively hit three commas. I'm sure they wanted to have the X ready a year and a half ago and be putting out the 3 this quarter. It just didn't happen that way.

carlk | July 23, 2015

I know they are doing the best they can. I want them to do the best they can. I don't want them to hurry and compromise anything. I'll wait.

Red Sage ca us | July 24, 2015

Eric & carlk: +42! Wisdom, incarnate.

DriverZ | July 24, 2015

At this point, *I* think that Tesla does not need to hold off on the Model X announcement to avoid cannibalizing Model S sales. Anyone who wanted to switch their reservation to the S once it became the SD has had ample opportunity. Anyone who is still holding out for the X is really committed to the X and is not going to switch just because 90kw is now an option instead of 85kw.

That being said, I can see some marketing person somewhere disagreeing with me and saying that they *had to* announce the 90kw option on the S a few weeks before they could announce the Model X, just in case there was an S buyer who had reserved an 85kw who cried that they would have switched to the X in order to get 90kw if they had known that that option was about to become available. This way they can get 90kw on their S without making the switch.

So I am willing to give Tesla the benefit of the doubt that their anouncement timing is due to poorly conceived advice from some marketing person rather than a malicious slap at their reservation holders.

Red Sage ca us | July 24, 2015

DriverZ: +42!