Tesla RV...The revitalization of the RV industry.

Tesla RV...The revitalization of the RV industry.

Could you imagine an RV on a Tesla S frame.
No more 10 mpg...
Tourist, retires, weekenders ect. and the demand for tesla RVs could revitalize an industry that has been hit hardest by gas prices. Renting a Tesla RV would make economic sense.
A tesla RV could become a dual use vehicle for its owners, both a daily driver as well as a weekend RV....with no or very little fuel charge.
It would help the local economy, less use of air planes, a better way to see our country..who would ever consider renting or buying and using a gasoline powered RV..
Not to mention a Tesla Limo..

Timo | September 3, 2013

RV has poor CdA which means poor range between charges. At least now, that is. You would need much bigger battery than 85kWh to get ~300 miles out of it, and batteries cost a lot.

Teslation | September 3, 2013

How about a van big enough to stand up in that also had commercial uses? A 4th gen extra large platform for work vans, large pickups, RVs might work.

My condolences, Nokia phone division along with Lumina, just bought out by Microsoft.

Timo | September 3, 2013

I don't care. It seems that it's not bad for Nokia or the workers.

Marty1234 | September 4, 2013

I was thinking along the lines of the Mercedes van sprinter. With the current S battery set up the range would be limited but at $10,000 to upgrade to the 85 kwh I'm assuming that system could be upgraded as well and the extra $10,000 or $20,000 to get say a 500 mile range would look awfully good to RVers who have been grounded. The initial expense could be justified with the cost savings in fuel and eventual resale value. Regarding price RV's can be quite expensive, the large diesels go for over a million. And with the nation wide tesla grid! If they could bring it in at $200,000 I bet they couldn't build them fast enough..

Timo | September 4, 2013

Over a million??! I must have been looking quite different set of RV:s...OTOH I have seen some that could be described as mobile houses more than some van with a toilet.

Wingtip vortex | September 4, 2013

Marty1234, a really nice diesel pusher motorhome goes for around $350k and this is a new one. Used you can buy them for around $80k to below $200k depending on mileage and age. I know because I am an RVer for over 10 years now and I just bought a really nice 2000 american Eagle with 60k for $60k. A coach for a million is most likely a custom made one. Although I agree an electric motor home would make a lot of sense out of several reasons:
- a truck chassis can carry a lot of load and therefore a big battery.
- a motor home has a lot of roof area and would be able to have that covered with solar cells which could help to charge the battery continuously.
- a noisy generator would not be necessary anymore.
- maybe together with a BloomBox to charge the battery it would be even more efficient..

JackB | September 4, 2013

Does anyone have any ideas on the best 5th wheeler to get for Model X if the car is offered with a Class 2 hitch option? Ideally it would collapse vertically when in motion to minimize wind drag and come with an option to delete the generator (and have enough space in the generator area to add a battery pack for electric appliances).