Tesla S as the next "Bond" car

Tesla S as the next "Bond" car

Although most Bond movies have James driving roadsters, there was a Pierce Brosnan movie (Tomorrow Never Dies) with a 7-series BMW, 750iL I believe. SkyFall pretty much set up the next round of Bond movies for the decade and I think Tesla should position themselves for the next Bond car. Thoughts?

ak-tually55 | December 14, 2012

My girlfriend had the same idea. Completely agree.

mika_ | December 14, 2012

They'll still have to add the dramatic "VROOOOOM" sounds in post though. A car chase without that might leave movie goers scratching their heads. :)

Captain_Kong | December 14, 2012

@KathleenL: interesting topic, may be also a movie product placement for Tesla discussion.

Can definitely see the brand featuring heavily in all sci-fi movies!

Brian H | December 14, 2012

Cuts back and forth between the ICE car VROOOOMing and the MS humming would be added drama!

Mark E | December 14, 2012

Unlikely. Bond went back to British - Aston Marton. Getting into a Bond movie would cost quite a lot, and Tesla doesn't need to drive demand as much as ramp up production. I'd rather see the RHD version available earlier.

Docrob | December 15, 2012

My understanding is that Tesla is planning a new Roadster based on the Gen 3 chassis sometime around 2015. An electric Gen 3 Roadster would make a perfect Bond car IMHO.

petero | December 15, 2012

I disagree, the "S" is stealthy, quiet, sleek. James Bond is a blunt instrument. IMHO the new Aston Martins are very appropriate - loud and sinister. Oh yes, and an occasional cameo of the DB5.

Besides Mr. Bond's Astons are usually worked very hard and it would be a shame to see an "S" bashed up like his usual AMs.

jbunn | December 15, 2012

Bond is chased into a garage with no exits. His car is quickly surrounded by gunmen. No Bond to be found. Garage and car searched, but then... Leaping from the frunk, he gets the upper hand.

You heard it here first...

benempt | December 15, 2012

@jbunn that is hilarious | December 15, 2012

I'm hoping Elon & the S do cameos in the next Iron Man (Audi appears to have bought the rights for prime product placement)

lightly | December 15, 2012

@ KevinR Well if not the vey least perhaps Jon Favreau will put his own Model S in as a cameo.

olanmills | December 15, 2012

@jbunn, unlike the old ones, these new Daniel Craig movies are not supposed to be comedies.

@everyone else, I hope you understand what you're asking for. I found that thread about dings and scrapes to people's new Model S's painful. If Kathleen gets what she wants we'll be in the theater watching a Model S get drowned, sawed in half, or blown up, or probably all three. | December 16, 2012

I was told my car was getting water tested last week. The visual I got was my car being water boarded....

DanD | December 16, 2012

Would be an odd coincidence. I bought the BMW Z3 in 1996 when it was the Bond car in GoldenEye. To have owned two Bond cars .... well I might just have to join Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Brian H | December 16, 2012

Worse than that! Hi-pressure jets, not a mere damp cloth!

majgill | December 17, 2012

and yes my licensce plate says GILLOO7

s_curve | December 17, 2012


I feel ya on that one. 007's cars seem to get banged up, shot up, squashed, totaled, etc. Especially since Daniel Craig took over. Not sure I could stand the imagery of an exploding Model S. LOL!

pbrulott | December 17, 2012

In the mean time we have the Model S in Alias... sort of