Time for new tires.... Your preference?

Time for new tires.... Your preference?

Just hit 13k and the tesla guys say I need to order some new rubber. They say they can only install OEM, so it's the continentals or the Michelins. I have the continentals on it now and I think they were ok but the road noise was a bit higher than I'd like. I've have Michelins on other toys of mine and I really like them. Anyone have the Michelins on the MS and would you recommend them?

Any other opinions? I suppose I can get non-OEM and get it installed elsewhere. I'm looking for moderate performance but want a quiet quiet smooth ride.


Suturecabre | November 16, 2013

Must be 21" tires at only 13k miles....Sounds like the Continentals are your best bet....I'm assuming you have a P85 and not 85 if 21" tires, and not P85+, otherwise you would need the staggered setup which only Michelin provides OEM (the OEM Continentals are ExtremeContact DW which are not made in the rear size for the +, while the ContiSportContacts are, but I don't think they're OEM), and you probably wouldn't be focused on less performance and quiet and smoothness if you had went for a +.

Stick with the Continentals, they are cheaper, quieter and should last longer...they also perform somewhat better if the weather is colder out (I do use the words "perform" and "colder" very loosely however). The Michelins would handle better though, some would say a lot better, but that's not something you care much about.

If at all possible, I would look at finding a tire installer that specializes in European and sports cars, and then you would have other options for tires. I myself drive 100 miles a day, so I would consider the Hankook Ventus V12s which are much cheaper and supposed to ride well (haven't ridden on them personally so I'm not sure).

Eletrek | November 16, 2013

18k on Continentals and still good. Not sure if I'd replace with Continentals as I have Michelin's on my other vehicles and historically Michelin's have performed very well for me. With respect to $$, why pay $100k for a car then go cheap on the tires?

RobS | November 16, 2013

I also had to get new tires at 13K miles - and with 18" wheels. I'm usually a pretty conservative driver, so I was bummed about that.

I had a loaner with Michelins and I found them noticeably rougher than the Continentals I was used to, so I replaced with the Continentals. I LOVE the smooth ride I get and didn't want to sacrifice that.

TiburonTesla | November 16, 2013

@Kal: yes, I have P85 w/21's. I'm happy enough I guess with the Conti's that are on there. But I've used Michelin PS2 on my Porsche and really enjoyed the balance of handling and quietness. So I thought I'd see if anyone has tried 21 inch Michelins and noticed any difference.

@RobS: did your loaner have 21's on it? If so, that's good feedback.

@Eletrek: who said anything about going cheap? I'm just looking for the quietest ride on phat 21 inch wheels!

Anyway, thx for the opinions guys!

inverts | November 16, 2013

I just replaced stock continentals with michelins at 18K, a bit early, but it was due for rotation anyway, so do it in one go. I have 19" wheels. Michelins have a pretty decent thread warranty of 45K or similar. I don't think they will make it that long, so then the price is prorated.

After I got the car back, handling was nicer, but also consider that an alignment was done as well. Maybe a little quieter, but not day and night difference, IMHO.

fuellss | November 16, 2013

Also, needing to get tires soon. Non-P 82 with 21 inch wheels.

Conti at Tesla approx. $440 pre tire
Costco - has Michelin Pilot PS2 Sport at $519 pre tire.
American tires - Pirelli P Zero Nero at $336 per tire.

Looking for quietness and wear.

Any recommendations?

fuellss | November 16, 2013

Sorry 82 should be 85.

JZ13 | November 16, 2013

I replaced my 21 PS2's at 6,000 miles (ouch). The Conti's are a LOT louder than the Mich PS2's. I've had 2 different loaners with Conti's and the road noise is VERY noticeable vs. my Michelin. I was tempted to go with the Conti's due to the better price but I decided the road noise was too uncomfortable for my quiet car. I went with the Michelin's.

Luclyluciano | November 16, 2013

What in the world is going on with this car?
New tires every year? Whether you have the 21" rims or not?
I own a beast of a car myself 500+ ft/lbs torque 4400 lbs of weight and run low profile tires, Michelin Pilot Sport 3 A/S and they last minimum 50,000 Kms which is 2 years for me.

gimp_dad | November 16, 2013


The tire you are using is more than 2x the wear life of a PS2 and much lower in stickiness. The tread wear number is not an absolute industry standard but generally consistent between tires by the same manufacturer. The PS A/S 3 is rated at 500 while the PS2 is 220. Basically the PS2 is one of the stickiest street tires you can buy in MS friendly sizes. That translates directly to shorter life but much higher performance.

That means your 30k miles is consistent with roughly 12k miles in a PS2. If you were on a track it would be night and day (like the difference between running in socks and training shoes). Of course real autocross/track tires would wear many times faster than PS2s would and would be dramatically better still on a track.

It's just a trade off. Choose the tires that fit your needs and/or wants.

Luclyluciano | November 16, 2013


I hear you, but this is not a track car. Not saying it doesn't handle well cause it does. But why does Tesla support OEM tires that don't last more than one year ?

P85D | November 16, 2013

I got these and love them, very quite tire.

245/35ZR21 XL 96W B NITTO INVO

shop | November 17, 2013

@Luclyluciano, I think it is because Tesla thinks it is a performance car and thus wants to give performance car options to buyers. Personally, based on all the crap Tesla gets on these forums from people who have no clue that true performance tires have short lifespans, I think Tesla could save themselves some grief by not offering such tires. But then Tesla rarely takes the easy way out.

RobS | November 18, 2013

@TiburonTesla - my car and loaner both had 18s.

sagebrushnw | November 18, 2013

@ RobS

18" wheels on a Model S (from Tesla)? Only thought that they offered 19" and 21".

jat | November 18, 2013

@LuckyLuciano - I have 12k in 11 months in on my 19" wheels (including a day at the track), and the wear is hardly noticeable. I expect to easily get 40k miles on them.

@Tiburon - it depends on what you want -- do you want handling, range, tread life, etc? Friends who have the Michelin PSS have been very happy with them.