Tracking Highest Assigned VINs of the Tesla Model X.

Tracking Highest Assigned VINs of the Tesla Model X.

At least a few hundred Tesla Model X SUVs have already been delivered in December 2015.

And production is ramping up further.

More and more buyers are receiving their assigned Tesla Model X VIN.

Thanks to all for posting your assigned Tesla Model X VIN in this thread.

Also mention the approximate date of delivery and your country/state/city.

What will be the highest assigned Tesla Model X VIN in 2016?

Benz | January 7, 2016

The weekly production rate of the Tesla Model X is already about 238, and will increase very rapidly.

ken | January 7, 2016

I am Sig#1436, VIN XXX834, and expecting shipping to Salt Lake City by next week, my X has been in QC at Fremont since early this week.

Gwgan | January 8, 2016

Keep us posted ken.834, We've been neck and neck so far but I've not heard anything. (#811)

elguapo | January 8, 2016

I am a production P90D and got assigned a VIN in 400s last night.

AlMc | January 9, 2016

Bump as we do for the model S VINS

ken | January 12, 2016

@Gwgans, I will, I hope to have some update later today.

AlMc | January 12, 2016

bump for more VINS. | January 12, 2016

I have a production P90D and got a VIN in the high 400s earlier this week.

SunShineBuildIng | January 12, 2016

We have a production P90DL with a VIN in 250+ assigned on 12/23/2015.

Chad | January 12, 2016

My model X # is high 800's, car delivered to my local dealer last week but has been held there for over a week because of "squeaky wheels" it's been almost 2 1/2 years and we continue to wait it out. How do we get "squeaky wheels" sitting on a trailer from Fremont to Southern California? good grief.

elguapo | January 12, 2016

@Chad Just to clarify, you're a Sig holder, right?

Chad | January 12, 2016


ken | January 12, 2016

@SunShineBuildin or @chad, out of curiosity, what letter do you have in the 12th position of your VIN?

SunShineBuildIng | January 12, 2016

@ken, It is 0 (zero) and we are production not signature!

ken | January 12, 2016

@SunShineBuildin, Thanks, yes I knew you were production that is why I was wondering what that 12th digit was. With the Sigs it is an S and I think the Founders are all F's, so I was wondering about the production units. It makes sense that they would allow for six digits in the production queue. Thanks again.

ken | January 12, 2016

@Gwgans, see my post on MX delayed deliveries, this may tell us both what is going on with deliveries.

AlMc | January 13, 2016


Blkwhtmodelx | January 13, 2016

It looks like I got assigned a VIN 3XX

Reservation 2XXX

Have not heard a delivery date yet

AlMc | January 14, 2016

Keep those VINs coming. Just as with the tracking VINs on the S forum it would be great to include order date, confirmation/VIN assignment date and any estimate of delivery location and time.


AlMc | January 14, 2016

More VINS? Yes?

sklancha | January 15, 2016

Not to many VINS here yet ?!?!? I saw one in the 800 range and the rest only in the 2-300 range. What happened to the 500 VINS between?

sklancha | January 15, 2016

T Transforming
E Earth's
S Sustainability
L Love,
A America

Rezaul | January 15, 2016

My Model X VIN# is XS00062. The car was delivered to my local dealer a month ago but has been held there since! It's been almost 2 1/2 years and we continue to wait it out. It is outrageous to hear that the production of Model X is going well, while I have not gotten my car yet. Is the Company lying to the media and hiding problems with the production?

keith | January 15, 2016

VIN ends in 000411 on a P90D. My reservation number is Production 480ish. My DS told me this week that he does not have an expected delivery date.
I reserved an S in October 2011 but switched that to the X in February 2012 - 47 months ago!

Out4aDuck | January 15, 2016

There were something like 836 VIN's issued for the Signature series.
They are starting over again for the Production series.
For the Model S, they shared the same sequential series.

harrisjk | January 15, 2016

Reservation 7488
Order confirmed 18 December
Vin P-000338

dbh | January 15, 2016

Have production P90D VIN in the upper 500s. Got it over a week ago - I confirmed 12/23. No DS contact yet.

keith | January 15, 2016

Obviously reservation number does not determine VIN sequence - res 7488 has a Vin ending in 338 and my res 484 has a vin 411.
I was not contacted by a DS; I called the delivery number; was answered right away by a friendly human and was given the contact info for my DS.

AlMc | January 16, 2016

Excellent all. Please keep those VINs coming.

Out4aDuck | January 16, 2016

If they are at 235/wk and increasing exponentially, they will be at their target 800/wk before you know it. The Production series VIN's assigned to date represent less than a week of production, so I don't think the VIN sequence is all that important.

Darryl | January 16, 2016

In reading through the various responses it appears Tesla is only producing around 200 cars per week and have stopped delivering Model X's to customers because of a problems with the second row seat motor and problems with leaks around the falcon wing doors.

It looks like so far they have only issued VINs with people who have ordered a P90D with the premium upgrade package. With the amount of VINs already issued they have over a months worth of cars in queue. I guess they will next queue up those who ordered P90D without the premium upgrade option.

From a business perspective it makes since as they are building cars in order of sticker price. (Ths is not making people happy who reserved their car 30 months ago but are interested in 70D).

There is another forum which is already tracking Model X VINs which was created in late December which has several hundred responses.
Reservation #: 81xx
VIN: 25x
State: FL, Orlando Service Center

Configured: 12/08/15
Confirmed: 12/16/15
VIN Assigned: 12/23/15

Options: P90D, Titanium Metalic Paint, Tan Leather, Ash wood decor, Light Headliner, 20" silver helix wheels, Premium upgrade package, Tesla Red Break Calipers, Active Spoiler, Autopilot Convience Features, Supercharger Enabled, Six seat configuration (2-2-2), Towing Package, 75 Amp Charging, Smart Air Suspension

paradis | January 17, 2016

I was Production #3747, Vin#21X, DS says car is in final stage of production - no delivery date yet but "what does your schedule look like in February". New Jersey

P90D | titanium| tan leather | figured ash | light headliner | 6 seat | 72A charger | autopilot | premium pkg | smart air | subzero | 20" silver

AlMc | January 17, 2016

Nice paradis!

Continue to add newly 'minted' VINS...Thanks

Mike CDN-S102 | January 17, 2016

Configured Dec 29
Confirmed Jan 04
Sig, no vin yet
Canadian order

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | January 19, 2016

Res # 150xx
VIN (Production series) 7xx
Confirmed Jan 11
VIN assigned Jan 19

socalsam | January 19, 2016

Bob- what are the specs of your car? I am reservation #120xx and confirmed on January 12th. Curious how you got your vin so quickly.

aesculus | January 19, 2016

Interesting that a 15k reservation only results in a 700 series VIN. Most must be deferring or ordering non performance.

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | January 19, 2016

20" wheels
all the bells and whistles, but no tow
Tan leather on Pearl White

TeslaModelSOwner | January 19, 2016

Clear they are continuing to push P90D over 90D as I am 14xxx and no Vin. This is per the plan so the real question is how far will Tesla go through the reservation list before stopping and starting with the 90D's?

As an example, if somebody places a new reservation for a P90D today, would they be prioritized ahead of a 90D holder who has been on the list for 2+ years?

NumberOne | January 19, 2016

My personal opinion is that the point has already been reached. They will process all orders that have been placed up to last week in the order received, except that P90D orders will go first. I doubt that any new reservations or even any made this year will get priority.

If they do that it would be unethical to say the least, because anyone who felt it was too risky to invest their deposit before production started will be rewarded by going first if they are willing to go for the P90D. We can all say that this is how it was with Model S, but there is an order of magnitude (an expression Elon loves to use) more people that reserved Model X prior to production compared to the number who had reservations prior to the Model S ramp.

elguapo | January 19, 2016

@TeslaModelSOwner It's really hard to say until they're ramped up. Today, a P90D S takes priority over other S configurations, based on the Tesla website.

I do agree, that at some point they'll be making 90Ds and sprinkling in the P90Ds since they're less common. That said, it's all about the ramp up and efficiency. How much of a change is it for them to make a 90D right before or after a P90D? Probably not a huge deal once the line is really humming.

I do think TM will meet their stated timing here with P90Ds that have confirmed through, say, January 2016, being built, and ideally delivered, by the end of March or April and some 90Ds coming out in April or May.

Finally, I think the 70Ds end up coming in the second half of the year, as TM has stated.

I say this because from everything we see in the forums, it looks like there are a lot less P90Ds being ordered than 90Ds or 70Ds.

That said, there does appear to be some hang up in production/delivery...

socalsam | January 19, 2016

I got a similar spec to Bob - P90D - 6 seater - 20 inch wheels.

I did not get the premium package. If they stick to P90s first as they seem to be doing, I will be jumping ahead of a lot of people it seems.

Yes the 90 package seems a lot more popular over the p90 which bumps me up. I would venture to guess that with my spec I will hopefully get the Vin number in the next few weeks maybe? hopefully?

If their goal is 75000 cars this year and they sold 50000 Model S last year and lets assume Model S stays stagnant, that means roughly 2000 Model X per month which means in 6-8 months, most current reservation holders have been delivered.

snlnk | January 19, 2016

Just noticed VIN 751 assigned to our production MX. Titanium/tan leather, P90D L, fully loaded except 20" wheels. RN 152XX, confirmed 1/12/2016, so the VIN was assigned within a week after confirmation. Taking delivery at Fremont factory. Called factory and rough estimate for delivery was "end of this quarter".

I originally reserved this 1/1/2015, so I've only been waiting a little over a year to date, but it's starting to feel pretty real now. I feel the pain for those of you who've been waiting multiple years!

socalsam | January 19, 2016

I wonder how many ordered the L option vs no L.

If you are reservation #152xx - that means there are probably only another 5000 or so to configure and then out of those 5000 maybe 10% or 500 do the L?

snlnk | January 19, 2016

BobN and myself seem to be tracking very closely in confirmations, VINs, and MX options. Mine is also a 6 seater. I was thinking my Fremont delivery is helping with my early VIN, but BobN is probably taking delivery of his in SoCal, so perhaps Fremont delivery is not as critical as I thought, though it may help in ultimately getting an earlier delivery. @BobN, where are you taking delivery?

@socalsam, it appears from other threads that the premium package helps with placement in the production line. I think the Ludicrous option may also help. Your estimation numbers seem reasonable but I've no way of knowing or validating.

carlk | January 19, 2016

It looks people who ordered P90D(L) with 22" (carbon) are not getting their VIN as of now.

socalsam | January 19, 2016

It appears that the carbon 22" wheels might be a problem.

Another day, another delay- that should be Teslas motto. :(

ian | January 19, 2016

And just for future reference, the "Carbon" wheels are now called "Onyx Black" in the design studio.

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | January 20, 2016

@snlnk, I'm taking delivery in SoCal. Van Nuys, specifically.

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | January 20, 2016

Ludicrous probably helps, since I assume it is ludicrously profitable. 10,000 for a fuse. A fancy fuse, but still . . .