Transferring Model X pre order?

Transferring Model X pre order?

Hello everyone!

Like many of you, I pre ordered my Model X, not long after they offered them for order. I figured I would have had a estimated date by now, but it doesn't seem like they can even give a decent guess. My current lease is about to expire, so a new vehicle is required. I've decided I'm going to have to let my Model X go.

My question is, is it transferable to another party? I have several people interested in taking it over. I'm not selling it for extra cash or anything, just need my $5K back.


Tâm | September 30, 2015


This question has been asked many times.

No, you can not transfer yours.

You tell Tesla you want your deposit back.

Yes, Tesla can transfer: Tesla will give your spot to the next person in line.

NumberOne | September 30, 2015

You should try swap a lease or lease trader dot com and just get a short term lease, if you really want the Model. I feel that Tesla will have produced around 3k Model X by the end of the year all p90D or 90D. After that you can count to 800-1000 per week. Once deliveries start rolling, it would be easy to estimate based on your res # looking on

Whatever you decide to do, good luck.

bobby | September 30, 2015

I have felt your pain, Corey. TWICE during the 3 year waiting period (and 2 years of delay), I had leases end. I even borrowed a friend's car for 6 months as a bridge. The advice of the others to look for a short term swap lease or something is great advice. It is what I did and it allowed me to keep my X reservation and stop worrying. Highly recommend taking over a short term lease through the website(s) mentioned.

henry | September 30, 2015

I extended my lease on one car by 6 months & then I did a swap lease. Can't wait to celebrate in my x!!!
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