UN Climate Change Conference

UN Climate Change Conference

Let's help accelerate the advent of sustainable transport!

This is the quick and easy way to do it...simply follow Norway's lead:

How they did it:

Where they are headed:

From Tesla Motor Club today (Johan is from Norway):

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Yes the tax incentives have worked extremely well. They should be implemented elsewhere, but there are many hurdles, mainly fossil fuel giants acting as very forcible special interest groups and domestic car industry protection.
Thank-you Johan.

Decades of of failed UN attempts to price carbon + ongoing calamitous VW scandal + Norway's best practice =

EV inventives: #1 priority for all governments at COP21.

Link here:

Cutting subsidies to the Oil and Gas industry will easily fund an aggressive EV incentive plan:

COP21 begins Nov 30, 2015. Feel free to share this policy presentation with your federal representative. Together we can make a difference:

Dramsey | November 6, 2015

It's cute that you assume our Federal representatives care what their constituents think.

Ktowntslafan | November 6, 2015

It's sad that you don't. If that's the case where you are, it's time to make some noise.

Ktowntslafan | November 6, 2015

Canada's new Federal Government is actually looking very promising:

We were certainly ready for change. I'm excited for COP21!