Water bottles and Coffee cups not Tesla quality

Water bottles and Coffee cups not Tesla quality

The Tesla Model S is an engineering marvel designed and build here in the USA. This new game changing car is a shining example of quality craftsmanship.

I found it highly disappointing that when I was in the new Westchester NY store that the water bottles, coffee cups, etc. which are sold are not of simular quality to the car but instead are run of the mill chinese sourced. These products do not reflect the image of quality that Tesla currently stands for.

These sourced products should also maintain the same quality as the rest of the company. A Nissan Stainless Steel vacuum or simular quality product should be sourced for the coffee mug and a water bottel sourced from a reputable country where I do not need to wonder if lead or other toxic metals are used in its production.

I am willing to pay a few extra dollars for a quality product or I would not have put a deposit down for the Model S.

I hope Tesla will review the quality of products which it puts its name on and sells in its retail stores.

EdG | June 24, 2012

At the Westchester store I noticed - too late to purchase - some sort of Tesla blanket for sale. One touch and I knew I'd be getting a few of them for family members: really soft. (Maybe the softness comes from some of those toxic metals?:)

Timo | June 24, 2012

I got a Tesla cab. At first rainy day coming to work I put it onto table top of some old papers. Those (non-important) papers got stained by brown spots, I realized "this cab loses color", which immediately resulted me going in front of mirror checking if there is brown stripe in my forehead. There wasn't, phew.

Those Chinese-made things look good at first, but they are not very good quality. Because of that color spreading all silver- and white-colored parts in that cab are now partly brown. It looks like it is dirty even that it is clean.

For that reason, while I would like to buy some Tesla t-shirts or other stuff I hesitate to buy any from their store.

Jon Wray | June 24, 2012

A got a Tesla coffee mug over a year ago. The "Tesla" red letters wore off completely after a couple months. Also, the remote-controlled toy car they sent me as a holiday gift a couple years ago never worked. I'm hoping for better luck with my Model S.

Brian H | June 25, 2012

Timo | June 24, 2012 new

I got a Tesla cab.
Cap? As in, a hat?

A "cab" is a driver compartment of a vehicle, or a slang term for a taxicab.

Brian H | June 25, 2012

tags!!! Grrr ...

Timo | June 24, 2012 new
I got a Tesla cab.

You mean cap? As in, a hat? With a front beak, a baseball cap?

A "cab" is a driver compartment of a vehicle, or a slang term for a taxicab.

Timo | June 25, 2012

Uh, yes, Cap, not cab. I know what cab is, don't know why I used that word.

stephen.kamichik | June 25, 2012

My Tesla RC toy car works just fine.

Klaus | June 25, 2012

Mine is still in the box and that's where it'll stay.

David70 | June 25, 2012

I only tried it once, and it worked then.

Mike_ModelS_P457 | June 25, 2012

my kids have played with the RC roadster since it arrived in the mail (when that was I can't recall).

Aside from a few battery changes it has held up fine. Same for the mug they sent.

Brian H | June 25, 2012

how often does your mug need battery changes? Is the power used to keep coffee warm? I want one of those! But rechargeable would be better.

Epley | June 25, 2012

I have two jackets that are both high quality. The coffee mug I purchased had a white enamel that is progressively melting off--not great quality paint, but the mug is fine. I have a spectacular Tesla Tread wallet. High quality for sure!

Timo | June 25, 2012

how often does your mug need battery changes? Is the power used to keep coffee warm? I want one of those!

That's one item I could buy. Small heating element at the bottom of the mug, rechargeable battery. I bet someone has already made such mug and sells it.

MandL | June 26, 2012
pilotSteve | June 26, 2012

I bought a Tesla shirt at the factory 'test ride' event and like it very much. My wife loves her Tesla ladies shirt. I agree that they should have better (best!) quality coffee mugs and water bottles as these kind of items have a long life (years and years) vs. clothes that could withstand lesser quality.

Still have my BMW stainless travel coffee cup from 5 years ago that is perfect except for the logo letters which are wearing off. Surely Tesla can do at least as well.... maybe better? How about laser engraving the logo and/or my name!!!!

EdG | June 26, 2012

Put this in your cup holder / Opportunity console

No need for an inverter.

Timo | June 26, 2012

clothes that could withstand lesser quality

Hey, I still have a leather jacket I bought over ten years ago, and it still looks good. I value good quality clothes way higher than some coffee mug or water bottle (shoes especially). Coffee mugs and water bottles can withstand lesser quality, clothes not so much. Good quality clothes have long life, bad ones break or look bad (old, scruffy) very fast. Like that cap I got from Tesla. Single rainy day and it looks scruffy.

Brian H | June 26, 2012

With baseball caps, like jeans, scruffy is good! It says, "Experienced"!