We need new topics; Bashing each other

We need new topics; Bashing each other

You could run a thread for each bashee.

Bashing Carlk

Bashing Ankit Mishkra

Bashing Laura



aesculus | October 19, 2015

Kind of like the snipiness thread over at TMC where all of this stuff gets dumped by moderators.

AlMc | October 19, 2015

@Ross: I don't think 'bashing' anyone is called for at any time.
@aesculus is correct and is one facet of TMC I like better than this forum. While you might feel that moderators may 'over moderate' at least posts labeling or bashing the person versus debating their point are moved to 'snippiness'.

In addition, if the person continually 'bashes' they are banned.

Ross1 | October 20, 2015

@AIMc ; I agree. The bashing on this forum is pathetically immature, needs to be removed from the threads.

I guess we could always "flag as inappropriate".

Doesn't that get a moderator's attention??

bobby | October 20, 2015

@AIMc: I agree with you 100%. Bashing is always uncalled for. But I think that @Ross was being satirical. He was (probably) calling for the bashing to stop and keep the threads nice.

AlMc | October 20, 2015

@bobby: Totally agree with @ross' intent but some new to the forum
and X threads may not understand the humor.

a smiley face or j/k may have been a good idea so no one had to 'read between the lines'

vperl | October 20, 2015

OK, you bunch of wimps you guys from Europe?

Here in the U.S. we real Americans not the group that shops at " Whole Paycheck" and wears no leather we like to kick the guy on the ground. It is easier, that way. I prefer "other" methods, but you wimps would have an accidental discharge in your panties.

There, is that a good start ?

Wimp on.

carlk | October 20, 2015


How about one for each person who likes his/her Tesla?

Some of you guys may not have noticed it but Ross's sarcastic comment is meant for one particular new poster who's first ever post on this forum was to bash me. One of his few other posts was to bash all three mentioned in the op. Me thinks he's just trying to smear or to shut down anyone who has a positive opinion of Tesla or Model X.

What he does not know is every negative post, he did have quite a few, would generate more positive reactions and he could never win. Trolls never win. They don't have facts to back them up.

vperl | October 20, 2015

If you the wimp on the above post think I focus on you, no, wimp I am a equal opportunity individual.

By the way if you were a actual reservation holder or owner you might notice my posts on the superior threads of actual people that have "skin" in these threads.

Buy a KIA, be happy.

I heard "Whole Paycheck" calling you, in Europe they must have a sister store for you.

Party on Garth

leh22a | October 20, 2015

LOL @vperl! Only thing missing that wound have made it perfect is to tell us to get a KIA!

AlMc | October 20, 2015

@carlK: My experience with this forum is that there is an equal number of 'bashers' that fall into TM supporters, non supporters and people who support TM but question their decisions about their product offerings and/or estimates of delivery dates.

IMO, posters 'bashing' others usually indicates people need to feel they will somehow 'win' the discussion by putting the other poster down on a personal level versus countering their assertions.

AlMc | October 20, 2015

Addendum/addition to the above: (TM, we need edit function on this forum:)

The number of people that add a '+' to the conversation/discussion is irrelevant to whether that position is correct.

I think it far to say that you will find more supporters of TM on the TM forum and thus a higher number of '+' responses on any post that supports TM then ones questioning A TM decision about a product/estimates on timing or communication with owners/prospective owners.

Roamer@AZ USA | October 20, 2015


Your micro aggressions are very hurtful and you need to check your Tesla Privilege.
Non Tesla Buyers Matter.
It is sad that Citzens United has allowed you to speak. Only people that speak things I like should be allowed to speak.

carlk | October 20, 2015

@AlMc You need to make the distinction between bashing people and disagree with an opinion. The later is allowed in any open discussion forum. Don't take it too personal if people don't agree with your opinion. They are not you.

dortor | October 20, 2015

I would be happy to discuss new topics - but since the Model X is still mostly vaporware - and Tesla refuses to provide any actual information or actual product - it has degraded to forum users taking pot-shots at each other

I still predict a rough 2016 for Tesla - the Model X roll out is not going well IMHO.

AlMc | October 20, 2015

@carlK: I think the 'bashing' has subsided a bit. I agree that everyone should continue the discussion(s) with countering points and not attacking the person or attributing to them ulterior motives whether they are proTesla or not.


vperl | October 20, 2015

Roamer, I speak as I wish, you can go away.

Free speech is free speech. I could explain, but I bother not. Mumble as you wish. I have through my efforts allowed you to be a idiot talking head, blather on, silly one.

Mel. | October 20, 2015

I believe Roamers comment was his dry humor. I thought you would appreciate the thought.

carlk | October 20, 2015

I don't know about you but like my wine dry.

Mel. | October 20, 2015

And my ale hoppy

vperl | October 20, 2015

I like Liefraumilch

Buy a KIA, be Happy

Ross1 | October 20, 2015

You lot are still at it.

I think there is an element of fight and flight syndrome here.

Feeling under attack by the slow ramp up etc, you are lashing out at each other.


You lot are supposed to be clever.

Ross1 | October 20, 2015

Sorry. Now I have started. It must be addictive. Something in the water, we would say here.

MyXinTx | October 20, 2015

@Ross you have inspired me to ignore those that feel the need to let go the punches.

I have tried in the past to help them see their evilness, but as you mention, it must be in the water

Repeat after me... No more Bashing the Bashers....but even that violates the 1st Amendment I guess.

Can't we all just get along... WWED (What Would Elon Do)?

vperl | October 20, 2015

Grow a set, whoops.... That was not PC .

Grow yourself out of your mommies basement

Roamer@AZ USA | October 21, 2015

@Mel I thought it was pretty obvious myself.

Roamer@AZ USA | October 21, 2015

@vperl, I managed to mock every PC trend in one short post and then it went right over your head. Take a breath and read it again.

Red Sage ca us | October 21, 2015

OP: You forgot 'Praising Roamer' and 'Electing President georgehawley' and 'Proving vandacca Was Right'...

vperl | October 21, 2015

I am like all on this site.. Not the brightest.

Those that actually claim the high ground and are serious, are the suspects that need careful attention.

Ross1 | December 12, 2015


AlMc | December 13, 2015

@Ross: I don't like to just add a +1...but I might make an exception in this case..or not. :)

Yes, civility in discussion/debate should be a goal. 'Bashing' does not improve the discussion/debate in any way.

I want to compliment @Ankit on trying to follow this principle even if I don't always agree with him/her.

jjs | December 13, 2015

Civility includes humor. Well, at least civil humor. :)

AlMc | December 13, 2015

@jjs: I agree. It has been suggested by at least one forum participant that I must not be a happy person. While I disagree with that assertion any humor that can be added to a discussion will add to my happiness :)

Son of a Gunn | December 13, 2015

Excuse vperl, his testosterone isn't balanced. Forgot meds.

rossRallen | December 13, 2015

People on the forums are in a feeding frenzy because no SigXs are shipping 10 weeks after the blessed event. There's blood in the water in the shark tank.

As soon as we start receiving our vehicles, things might calm down long as we all stay on our meds.

kittylitter | December 13, 2015

Meds?? Meds?? Is somebody handing them out?
Where's the line?

rossRallen | December 13, 2015

@kittylitter - I'm loitering behind the dumpster at the Fremont Service Center. Tesla red hoodie.

kittylitter | December 13, 2015

I think I'll stay here in WA for that kind of meds. I hear that's legal here now.

jjs | December 14, 2015

You folks out on the west coast have all the fun. The best we get here in NE is the occasional scent of loco weed blowing in from CO. :)

kittylitter | December 14, 2015

It's been 40 years since I was around 'Wild-wood weed', but I never inhaled.

jjs | December 14, 2015

Is kittylitter really Bill Clinton? Is that you Slick Willy?

kittylitter | December 14, 2015

You will never know.

I am going to Teflon coat my X, though.

jjs | December 14, 2015

+1 kittylitter - Funny.

AlMc | December 14, 2015

Well, the Clintons did have a cat, named Socks, in the White house.
Hmmm...We should look into the litter box a little closer :)

jjs | December 14, 2015

...and down the rabbit hole we go.

AlMc | December 14, 2015

@jjs: Yes, the cat is chasing that dang rabbit into that hole :)

kittylitter | December 14, 2015

My wife can't believe that grown men are reduced to this drivel.

Is this a 'Tesla Board' or 'Tesla Bored'?

rossRallen | December 14, 2015

Between this, FB, and tweeting, I get nothing done anymore.

jjs | December 14, 2015

It seems Alice does not escape the land of the Mad Hatter until the first X is delivered. Then we can DRIVE down the rabbit hole with our Cheshire Cat grin, I mean Telsa grin.

AlMc | December 14, 2015

@kittylitter: Many would claim that I am not a 'grown man' (grown up)..That should put her mind at ease :)

MyXinTx | December 14, 2015

WOW, talk about Bashing, you should check out the recent dialogue on the "MODEL X: WHEELS AND TIRES" thread...

Even I felt bad for the recipients..

*Hey Tesla, Fold Them Seats*