What is the longest distance you have driven on 40kW (limited 60kW) after one full charge ?

What is the longest distance you have driven on 40kW (limited 60kW) after one full charge ?

I am curious if anyone who owns 40kW(limited 60kW) has experienced this ? What is the longest distance you have driven under one full charge ?

ModelS3P | July 29, 2013

So far, I have never driven my "40" kWh car anywhere close to zero rated miles, but on a recent local road trip, I traveled 73 miles and used 79 rated miles. It was very similar energy usage on the return trip (although I had partially recharged via 110V while there). I was mainly on highways going 65-75 mph (depending on the speed limit) and was using cruise control as much as possible. Also, this was on fairly flat terrain.

Extrapolating from this trip, the car would have made it about 133 miles if I kept going to zero rated miles.

Mark K | July 29, 2013

125 mostly freeway miles at 60mph. Still had about 20 miles remaining, My wife drives pretty gently.

Garth | July 29, 2013

I also did about 130 miles out and back in a trip during 1 day in my 40, the drive was slightly up hill and then back down. I used cruise control as much as possible also, my average speed was probably right around 55mph, and I used no climate control. Before the trip I was a little nervous, but after I have no doubt the car would have made it 140 to 150 miles.

mbergman | July 29, 2013

Drove approx. 110 miles, cruise control set at 58 or so for most of the way, had approx. 40 rated and 50 projected miles remaining. Highways, hill-free. 2 passengers plus me.

On rerun trip, drove approx. 120 miles, also with cruise control, had somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-35 rated and projected miles remaining. 3 passengers.

Making the same trip this weekend - will probably set the cruise control a little higher.

eAdopter | July 29, 2013

120 => 50 highway, then 20 in-city, then 50 highway for the return trip. Typical Hwy speed of 65, 90 degree day with AC set to 70, standard mode. Plenty of stop-and-go and quick-starts during the in-city portion.

This trip left 13 miles of range displayed on the dash. Based on this, I think my 40 will travel about 130 miles on a full charge.

Chuck Lusin | July 29, 2013

My wife, drove from Sea World San Diego, to Riverside, CA real quickly, distance of 93 miles, with 18 left when she got home. On the way down, normal freeway speeds, 93 miles, 27 miles rated remaining. Had the AC cranked at 70 degrees the whole way. Two passengers. There are four free chargers there (1772A, ChargePoint)

mlnewman | July 29, 2013

Not totally relevant, but I drove from Austin --> Houston in my 60 Kwh car and had 7 left when I got home (darn traffic). Total distance, about 175 miles.

Brian H | July 29, 2013

Max mileage when you install the wife behind the wheel. For most classes of wives.

CC uphill is not always optimal. The car will use whatever kW output is necessary to hold the speed.

Xerogas | July 29, 2013

90 miles, with 37 showing as rated range when I stopped to fill up. 70mph freeway, mostly.

HenryT2 | July 30, 2013

On my trip to Canada, I went 108 with 9 miles left. My average on the highway was over 70. And when I got there, my friend took it out for a test drive and drove it pretty hard for 10 or 11 miles.

One thing I noticed is that if you're taking it to visit someone who's never been in a Tesla, you've got to leave a little juice for the "demonstration".

Solar Scout | July 30, 2013

When I picked up my car, I drove about 100 miles home from Tampa to Orlando and had about 20 miles left. The next morning I drove to Cocoa Beach and back--100 miles round trip--and arrived home with about 20 miles left. Both trips were mostly highway at about 70mph.

wufucius | August 13, 2013

Longest trip I have done is 100 miles, and it ran it down to 25 miles left, but I was speeding as I am pretty comfortable with range estimation now. I have gotten the battery down to 1 mile before, but I was driving around work parking lot where there are chargers around.

eAdopter | August 13, 2013

All the way to zero.

The trip was with AC on, with lots of 65-70 mph driving, and about 10 miles in-city.

The normally-green bar had a red section on the left end which lead me to think I could have gone another 10-20 miles. I decided not to find out ;)

Also, with less that 10 miles left, the car became "kWh-limited" and did not allow full acceleration. A dotted-orange line appeared to show the limit. I have a picture but am not sure how to post it.

chicagoniner | August 13, 2013

124 miles with 24 miles to spare and that's with the car sitting at six flags all day. I drove 60 to 65mph to maximize range.

BarryQ | August 14, 2013

100 with 40 left. 65 mph.

Brian H | August 14, 2013

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