Where is my invite to configure?

Where is my invite to configure?

I was one of the few idiots who waited to see the launch event (Silly me!)
I got an email from Tesla on October 7th (which I am sure you all received) that they hope to invite all of us to configure by the end of this year.
With only 2 more days to go, I am a bit skeptical.

aljjr2 | December 29, 2015

Tesla seemed to invite reservation up to June 2014 on Monday. It was about another 2000 over those invited last week. They also invited Signature's in Canada. So there is movement.

It seems the invites come on Monday. For Production holders, the estimate is they now have ~10,000 heading to the production ques. They may be working to satisfy the remaining US Signatures, the Canadian Signatures and 10,000 Production reservation. If they can build 800/week in January, they have a good handle on the backlog through February. A "new" wrinkle is the 90D is reported saying early 2016 as well. What that mean to production is anyone guess.

So if you reserved later than June(ish)of 2014, they simply haven't gotten that far.

Triggerplz | December 29, 2015

If u didn't order until after the Sept 2015 launch party your number is probably around 23,000.. Some people with number 12.000 were invited to the Design Studio this week so it seems you may have a few more weeks to wait is my guess

socalsam | December 29, 2015

Im reservation #12,xxx.

No invite yet.

Triggerplz | December 30, 2015

@Socalsam I said 12000 because Carlk is 12000 and was invited this week, they just barely missed you. i think u will get invited on Monday... Enjoy

carlk | December 30, 2015


Looks you made a bad decision by not putting down the $5000 deposit when buying the X first became a possibility. That is fully refundable if you did not like what you see. It is very unlikely that Tesla will open up configure to all at once. That will certainly upset those who have made reservations long before you did.

@socalsam Mine is 12,0xx. You missed by just that much but I'm sure your number will be called next week.

darlin | December 30, 2015

My reservation date was 9/14, still no invite. Order number 13542, RN 950544. I am very skeptical as well.

smetpaul | December 30, 2015

my reservation number was 577 but bad luck for me , i live in Europe... no configuration for us till... ???

geemoney3135 | December 30, 2015

I ordered in August 2014 and was res 12,5xx. No invite yet but assume I'll get it on Monday. Sooooo close !!!

jamesmd | December 30, 2015

As a NON-US reservation holder (Canada), it IS annoying that thousands of reservation holders AFTER me but within the US will be getting their invites to configure well before me. I still put in the same money and the car isn't built any differently, so why the insult of being made to wait!

To make matters worse, our dollar which was not much less than the US dollar at that time, is now 40% less! It keeps getting worse which makes this car less and less appealing, and yet, my loyalty keeps me interested.


carlk | December 30, 2015

@jamesmd Because Canadians do not know how go make a good car....Sorry!

Brian Vicars | December 30, 2015

@carlk. Please don't let him, or her, get to you. It is only one person's opinion. Let it go. Jamesmd actually deposited 60% less than US production reservation holders because the funds were in Canadian dollars.

carlk | December 30, 2015

@brianvicars1 No problems I'm not upset. My response was a little tongue in cheek. It's hard for a smallish US company to make everyone happy. Hope you guys north of the border get the invitation soon and those across the oceans too.

ZPonyLion | December 30, 2015

Got my email on Monday
Reservation 11,7xx
Reserved on 7/24/2014
Placed my order but now in the 7 day waiting period
Yours is coming soon :)

trones.mittet | December 31, 2015

Reserved mine 2012.07.21 sig.#34 Norway. Still waiting to cofigure, please hurry up TM.

Amusinglisa1 | December 31, 2015

I have an invitation I cannot use. Anyone interested?

vperl | January 1, 2016

USA,USA,USA...... go X

scotteeboy71 | January 1, 2016

Amusinglisa1 - my reservation is 14,2xx - if you've got an invite and don't want it, I would be interested. Please email details to scott.spiro (at)


Iowa92x | January 1, 2016

'As a NON-US reservation holder (Canada), it IS annoying that thousands of reservation holders AFTER me but within the US will be getting their invites to configure well before me.'

Tesla is a US company, so therefore serves their US clients first.
Deal with it.

aesculus | January 1, 2016

@jamesmd: There are plenty of US based reservation holders who are being treated similarly. Tesla is not basing this solely on a country basis but is an equal opportunity abuser of reservation placeholders :-)

darlin | January 4, 2016

Here it is Jan 4th, and still no invite. What is the highest RN number to receive the invite to configure before Dec. 31?

RN 950544 Placed Sept. 2014.

Out4aDuck | January 4, 2016

darlin, That RN no longer has any sequential significance. If you ordered in Sept 2014, then you probably have a sequence number in the 13,000's. Which means that you will likely get an invite today.

Brian Vicars | January 4, 2016

@Out4aDuck. +1

Brian Vicars | January 4, 2016

MY OPINION ONLY, invitation to configure order.

1) US Founders (obvious reasons)

2) US Sigs (they put down $40K, some almost 3 years ago)

3) US Production (US vehicle, therefore US first considering # of orders)

4) Canadian Sigs (ditto #2, plus we are close to US & only reserved 50)

5) Other international Sigs (again, ditto #2)

6) Everyone else

elguapo | January 4, 2016

@brianvicars I think you're generally correct except they didn't invite all US Production yet and they have invited some Canadian sigs, so there's some other idea behind it all.

thomas | January 4, 2016

How about everybody can configure and the delivery of the car could depend on when reservations was put down...? I would have left if this was any other product... Now I am holding my reservation, but does not know how much the car will cost me in NOK and I would have bought a new car several years ago if this one goes over my budget...

carlk | January 4, 2016

@thomas No it does not work that way. Reservation is cancellable and deposite is refundable anytime you want. Placing the order is when you actually makes the commitment to buy and Tesla makes a commitment that it will build the car for you.

Ankit Mishra | January 4, 2016

You can make a calculated guess about cost in Norway. X is just a little costlier than S. So it will cost a little more than what S would cost you in Norway ( off course when comparing similarly configured cars). About availability, you might have to wait a little more to configure (maybe a month) and maybe few months (say 6 months) for delivery. (just my guess, I maybe wrong).

Brian Vicars | January 4, 2016

@elguapo. Sorry, I should have been more specific. Cdn Sig = 50 vehicles (I'm one of them and my order will be confirmed today.) Remember, invitations offers have a lot to do with your reservation date. Most US reservation holders who have been invited to configure reserved a long time ago.

matthewp | January 4, 2016

I put money down October of 2014. Reservation number was in the mid 14,000s and received an e-mail today to design. I will be getting a 70D so probably another 8-9 months before I will be actually driving it.

Good luck to all!

bhoskins | January 4, 2016

Invited to configure. 130xx

elguapo | January 4, 2016

@brianvicars1 Good point - a lot has to do with when someone reserved. I didn't realize there were so few Canadian sigs.

drshariff | January 4, 2016

@Brianvicars ..Ampster (USA) waited only for 7 months. He was Invited on 1/4/16, Reserved May 2015 #17762.

ernie | January 4, 2016

I never received an e-mail to design. However, a notice to design popped up about 3 weeks ago when I opened MY TESLA and I have been dithering over what to order. Recommend checking MY TESLA daily as they might not be sending e-mails for all. I am visiting a showroom tomorrow to confirm exactly what I want in color and interior. My initial design will be changed tomorrow and it is final on the 7th.

The first stage build is supposedly on larger battery P models and several upgrades. Therefore, the out the door $145,000 will beat the $100,000 by a far piece. Also, waiting for the 5 seat configuration will delay. I listened to several on the forum and went with the 6 seat configuration as I will almost always be 1-4. This configuration gives more storage space than the "included" 5 seat available mid 2016 as the added space between the two second row seats is in addition to what would be there in the 5 unless the depth is different without the two rear seats.

aesculus | January 4, 2016

@ernie: I have got to believe a few tools and a little time can create a 4 seat Model X fairly easily from a 6 seater. Might have to buy or fabricate some sort of tray too.

Ankit Mishra | January 4, 2016

Read your configuration in configuration thread. Congrats bro!!

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | January 4, 2016

Configured a few hours ago. #15,0xx.

Ankit Mishra | January 4, 2016

Don't forget about the hidden 72 Amp charger. (Bad idea Tesla!Bad idea).

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | January 4, 2016

Thx Ankit. Just altered configuration to include high amp charger.

johnse | January 4, 2016

Got my invite today. Reserved early May 2015. Sequence # 172xx.

Now to play with the options :)

Triggerplz | January 6, 2016


YUL X | January 6, 2016

( In Canada ) I upgraded to the sig several months ago from a reservation made 3 yrs ago.( someone cancelled ) dep 40k $, seems only 72 sigs in Canada,~ 1275 in the usa, ( please correct me if im wrong ). I was invited to configure last week. When I deposited, the funds were at PAR, USD=CAD, today FX is ~ 1.40. TM is offering a great FX rate. ( as shown on the design page) very exciting times, installing home charger this week.sigs and P90 are delivered first.

lilbean | January 29, 2016

I found my invite by chance. It was sitting in my spam folder for 6 days and would have been deleted the next day if I didn't happen to come across it. I was checking my spam folder for concert tickets. I would have missed it if I didn't go to that concert. Most of my Tesla email ends up hidden in my spam folder. I missed an invitation to an awesome Tesla event too because of that.

Tâm | January 31, 2016


What internet company would be so anti-Tesla that much?