Wife decides, no Model S, and no Model X...

Wife decides, no Model S, and no Model X...

Yep. She's already decided she wants the Model RV.
A fully-electric Recreational Vehicle. She wants a Tesla electric house on wheels.

I mentioned the next roadster, or super-car, but nope.

(Model S 60kWh due for delivery within about 2 weeks, Phoenix, AZ, USA. I'm working diligently to convince her it's a complicated vehicle; problem is, she's smarter than me.)

Vlnprof | January 11, 2013

Would love to hear your experience with the 60kWh when you get it. I am planning to order that with standard suspension. I also live in the Phoenix area (Chandler). Curious how the battery range will do around here (potential to go to Sedona - uphill and 75mph?), and if the acceleration will be a letdown after test driving the performance model.

Anthony H | January 12, 2013

I'll be happy to post, when I'm not driving :)

prash.saka | January 12, 2013

she's smarter than me

Aren't they always? :)

stevenmaifert | January 12, 2013

Anthony - If it reaches the point where she makes you choose between her and your new Model S, let her know you are really going to miss her :)

Brian H | January 13, 2013

I can see it now, the 500kWh RV, with a Cd of about 0.6 ... Looks nice!