Hi Gang, It has been mentioned in the Fog In Lights discussion that there is a light upgrade to Xenon. Please tell us about the advantages and disadvantages, etc. I have noticed a need for improved night visibility with my Roadster which leaves me very interested in this sort of upgrade. Thank you for your help.


Douglas3 | February 5, 2012

- A bit pricey (but when you see that they're replacing the entire headlight modules it's understandable)

- Triple the light output
- HIDs are shuttered (mechanically switch low to high beams)
- Also has separate incandescent high beams (same as current lights)
- They have "breather" patches that should minimize the old headlight's fogging problem
- It's no longer scary driving on a dark, wet road on a rainy night (it sure was before!)
- Just a heck of a lot safer!

dsm363 | February 6, 2012

I agree with everything Douglas3 said. This is definitely worth the upgrade.

DarrellH | February 6, 2012

I also agree with what Douglas3 said. For the first time in 2 1/2 years, my wife loves to go for a drive after sundown. Before the upgrade, it was hard to get her into the Roadster if it was dark outside. The upgrade is pricey but well worth it.

davidcjones | February 7, 2012

i had mine upgraded, and the difference is like night & day! Plus the new lights use less electricity!

PhilB | May 23, 2012

The stock low beams kinda sucked. I think they were fairly dim and the were pointed down far enough that it was very hard to see more than a few 100 feet. Otherwise I can only parrot what others here have said. The HID upgrade isn't cheap, but I can actually see where I'm going now. Win!

AndrewB | May 25, 2012

Other than cost it's a no brainer, stock lights are dangerous, a great upgrade

dsm363 | May 29, 2012

It's definitely worth it. Much better light and much safer to drive the Roadster at night now.

FusionCO | May 31, 2012

I agree to everything above as well. Well worth it.