Why is Flash not provided in the model S? My kids love the internet, but are mad because they cant watch any youtube videos.

ghillair | January 11, 2013

I believe federal law make it illegal to have video available where the driver can see it.

jat | January 11, 2013

You can do the equivalent of motion-jpeg in JS (where it rapidly swaps out individual images) -- I have seen that done in some places, but that won't help you for YouTube which needs either flash or HTML5 video.

DouglasR | January 11, 2013

I'm not aware of any federal law against it, but many states prohibit the operation of a motor vehicle with video in view of the driver, with the exception of navigation systems, rear view cameras, etc.

Robert22 | January 11, 2013

Apparently Tesla agreed to voluntarily block HTML5 and Flash to insure the 5 star safety rating and avoid the ire of the safety reviewers. Flash may reportedly also underperform on the Tegra processor similar to Apple products. Limited functionality may be re-introduced through future apps i.e. the ability to view video while in park, etc. Details are unknown at this time.

jat | January 11, 2013

@Robert22 - yeah, the browser performs pretty poorly already on complex pages (such as Google Drive spreadsheets, entering my energy usage). I really wish they had used Chrome rather than khtml for the basis. In particular, Android Chrome would have had a much better experience for integrating touch.

Nicu.Mihalache | January 12, 2013

Android Chrome would have sold your profile (sites you visit, places you've been etc.) to their customers (advertisers) and some people who are buying $100k cars are simply not ecstatic about that kind of cheap trick.

wbrown01 | January 12, 2013

"ghillair | January 11, 2013 new
I believe federal law make it illegal to have video available where the driver can see it."

The key word is "driver", there would not be a driver. It would only work when the car is in park. It would be so nice to watch my big screen while the wife's in the mall.

Sudre_ | January 12, 2013

Tesla may not be able to sell the car that way BUT in the future someone can offer an APP after you have already purchased the car. My tablets have a separate youtube app on them and I imagine they just might work on Tesla's display once someone gets around to tweaking.

Vall | January 12, 2013

There are cheap tablets that have 3G or LTE connectivity, or can be tethered to a smartphone that has LTE, like the Nexus or kindle fire. It would be much more convenient for those kids to have the tablet in their hands or on the back of the headrests. Video on the center console just seems like the last thing on the list of missing features...