Tesla won't install solar panels over clay tile?

Tesla won't install solar panels over clay tile?

We have a Spanish tile roof and I was recently told by a Tesla Energy sales rep that they will not install solar panels over clay tiles. In fact, Tesla declined to even schedule a visit to work up a quote.

I explained that our roof was recently redone (2011) with a modified bitumen torch down underlayment (instead of traditional felt paper). This means the tiles are mostly decorative. The sales rep may not have understood this distinction, but still insisted that Tesla will not install over clay tiles.

Has anyone here done solar over clay tile? I'm aware of the upcoming Tesla Tuscan solar tiles, but our roof is huge and in almost new condition.

I'm also curious if Tesla allows 3rd party solar companies to resell the Powerwall 2. We have a local solar installer (who WILL work over clay tile) that claims to be a "Certified Tesla Energy Powerwall Provider", but I haven't been able to confirm if this is indeed true. We're planning on a 10kW install with two Powerwalls.

lilbean | May 4, 2018

We have. It’s fragile.

Azathoth | May 4, 2018

@lilbean - Yeah, I know. I regularly clean several skylights and it's a challenge to avoid breaking tiles in the process.

Did Tesla Energy do your install?

lilbean | May 4, 2018

No. Tesla did not. We used a local company. There are some broken tiles from the install. It doesn't bother me since we don't even see the panels.

markbraukman | May 6, 2018

I have a concrete tile roof and Tesla also said that the panels can't be installed on the tiles. So they removed the tiles in the panel section of the roof, installed an asphalt roof in that area, marked off the boundary of the panels then installed the tiles around the panel area and then installed the panels. Looks great, no asphalt roof visable. My understanding is the panel mounts need to be screwed down tightly to the roof, and tiles would be a problem. There were several city inspections along the way, and the asphalt roof needed to pass city inspection before anything else was done.

mcdonalk | May 6, 2018

We have concrete tiles. Our solar and powerwall system was installed just a few weeks ago. (We're still waiting on the utility company to give final approval.) No tiles were removed, other than to install the mounting hardware, after which they were replaced. If any tiles were broken, they were replaced by the crew and painted to match.

lilbean | May 6, 2018

Our tiles were removed where the panels are also.

Dacat | May 8, 2018

April 19th, Tesla came and installed our 6.5 kW system on our red clay tile roof. I asked the installers how they work around the tiles and showed me how they remove tiles and trim where needed and replace The support and frame is nailed directly onto the roofing plywood. It looks really good! And just like mcdonalk, we are awaiting our local utility to give their blessing and switch out the meter for us to start pumping sun power into the house.

We have been told our PW2 is on back-order, and should be notified in the coming weeks that it is ready to install and tie into our system.