"Welcome to Hell - no VIN after 6+ weeks and picking up in Fremont"

"Welcome to Hell - no VIN after 6+ weeks and picking up in Fremont"

Watied in line on 3/31/16.
Configured on 4/18/18
MSM, 19" (changed from Aero on 4/23/18), PUP,EAP
Got email delaying delivery to June.
I have watched 2 friends who stood in line with me receive their Tesla M3's. I have been waiting as patiently as I can, but feel ignored and or passed over.

What are your thoughts?

carlk | May 30, 2018

First world problem.

rmg007 | May 30, 2018

It’s just a car

robbiedjones | May 30, 2018

Right? I do realize this. It's still a little frustrating though.

lilbean | May 30, 2018

I'm pretty sure hell is much worse.

CST | May 30, 2018

Hell is worse, yes, it is just a car, but I'm in the same boat and about to lose my financing - in the end, it could cost more money for an already expensive car.

To add insult to injury, we've been watching Canadians config in May and get their cars.

geraldleee | May 30, 2018

I feel you, Sacramento, Confirmed 4/18, MSM, Aero, EAP. No Vin, got the June E-mail. I called Monday and they just referenced the June E-mail. What can I do besides checking for Vin on a daily basis?

Alex_SD | May 30, 2018

I do agree about financing! Same loan I took in April for my car is now 2.99% instead of 2.79%. Exact same terms - same credit union -

CharleyBC | May 30, 2018

In actual Hell, a Tesla delivery person (or so you think) walks you up to your gleaming new Model 3 and hands you they key card with a smile. As you reach to tap the pillar to unlock and open the door for the first time, the key card evaporates. This happens over and over and over...

kc4129 | May 30, 2018

Same here. Fremont, configured 4/18, White, Aero, no VIN, got the ready in June email, called today and was told that reservation number will no longer be replaced by VIN. We now have nothing to check but waiting for a call from Tesla?

sorthman | May 30, 2018

I'm in the same (sinking) boat. Yes, it is a first world problem (as is pretty much everything with the word Tesla in it), but in my case it's going to cost me an additional $3200. I live in WA state and we have an EV sales tax exception that expires tomorrow. I was a day 1 line waiter. I received my config email on 4/10 but waited until 4/15 to order (oops). MSM, Sport, EAP. I hoped I would have my car by 5/31, but I didn't dream I wouldn't even have a VIN yet. I too received the June email and I called the 888 number today to check status, but all they could tell me was I should be getting a call "soon". The lack of communication has been extremely frustrating, especially when I hear of other owners who reserved online after me in the same state already driving their cars (and receiving the tax exemption)

CST | May 30, 2018

@sorthman - you truly got screwed. Being on top of the reserving & configuring as you were should have guaranteed you the car by the tax expiration. Additionally, Tesla appears to have sacrificed you to the Canadians - giving them tax breaks at American customers' expense.

rjadams72 | May 30, 2018

Dont kick yourself for not configuring for 5 days. I got invited and did configure on 4/10, same config as you, and am currently in the dark, no information is available. We'll add you to the exclusive club, maybe we can start a gofundme page for all of us to share. I'll most likely lose out on the California credit. Funny how 2 years ago I thought i'd be buying a $25k car (with rebates) Guess i'm an idiot

sbeggs | May 30, 2018

So close yet so far away...

CASEMAN | May 30, 2018

I feel for you all that are in purgatory.

Does everyone know how to check for a VIN by putting a wall charger in your shopping cart and clicking checkout? When doing so, you'll either see your reservation number or a VIN.

I discovered my VIN there 3 days before hearing from Tesla. It didn't speed things up but I felt a whole lot better seeing my VIN.

badaman | May 30, 2018

I'll make the popcorn :)

Who's bringing the butter?

TexasBob | May 30, 2018

Same here. I waiting in line, deferred configuring the second car until 4/14... stuck waiting for a VIN.

BTW that *is* what mick jagger is saying here right? "I'm just waitin' on a VIN.... I'm just waitin' on a VIN."

rxlawdude | May 30, 2018

Would you get better or worse range in your M3 in hell? Would overheat protection save you? ;-)

jjgunn | May 30, 2018

Try to understand. Tesla most likely will deliver car #199,999 in the U.S. on June 30th. It sucks but I promise you, There is a reason you are being delayed.

Getting your car in July will allow you & thousands of others to enjoy the full tax credit through 2018. Please have 30 days of patience.

sbeggs | May 30, 2018

Hell is only half full.

rjadams72 | May 30, 2018

Yes, been trying the checkout trick for at least 3 weeks multiple times a day, no vin. Would have been nice to receive the 5/20 delay email, at least that would have been some explanation but I got nothing. I would have been ok with waiting longer if everyone was in tha same boat, like the last two years, but its completely unfair that those who reserved online on 4/1 are now driving the exact car I configured before them. Definitely think I'm not the only one Tesla has alienated by doing this, no matter how great the car is, wont change my negative point of view.

lilbean | May 30, 2018

I'll bring the butter, @badaman.

b.tesla | May 30, 2018

@kc4129, "called today and was told that reservation number will no longer be replaced by VIN" That doesn't make any sense. How are people supposed to arrange financing or get insurance without a VIN?

I configured over 7 weeks ago (4/9). No VIN, and I haven't heard anything other than the June delay email. And in other first world problems, as an existing Model S owner, I'm annoyed that I'm invited to configure my Model 3, but not if I want dual motor or performance. If they don't want extra money from me, maybe I should cancel my Roadster reservation.

worchard | May 30, 2018

@Texas Bob: I think Mick Jagger also said

You can't always get what you want (repeat)
But if you wait awhile (until July for me)
You just might find (repeat?)
You get what you need (pearl white M3 for me)

Tesla2018 | May 30, 2018

Didnt someone state that they werent giving vin numbers out until right after the car was delivered to the delivery centers so they were sure that there werent any problems with the car? This way they wouldnt have to change a vin number if they decided to give you another car in the event they replaced it with a different one if there was a problem.
I dont think I knew the vin number of a car I ordered a long time ago until I went in and paid for it. All I knew was I was the 7th person in line at the dealership and my friend was 9th. However her car had a derial number that was 50 numbers lower than mine since they made the cars in batches according to color.
Do you need the Vin number before getting insurance and financing or can they just give you some type of binder and then add the Vin to the paperwork later?

Neumann | May 30, 2018

Same boat.
3/31/16 line waiter in Walnut Creek, CA
4/10 invite
4/15 configure MSM, PUP, Aero
5/12 added EAP
5/25 switched to 19”
Called and confirmed those mods did not impact my config date. Wall charger trick checking every 3 hours and refreshing account page 4x day.

rjadams72 | May 30, 2018

As just read in another thread....You'll be happy to know another 4/18 configurer with our configuration is taking delivery tomorrow in Fremont. We must be in some file at Tesla for people they will just keep stringing along. I seriously believe they forgot about us

Anthonygonsalvesjr | May 30, 2018

“Welcome to hell”?

My advice: Breathe. Relax. Use Perspective. You’ll get your fancy car.

gerald | May 30, 2018

> Please have 30 days of patience.

@jjgunn this thread is for people who have already had at least 42 days of patience after placing their orders :-) Though it's a little funny that my order page says "Delivery in 3-6 weeks", and you're asking us to wait another 4 XD

CASEMAN | May 30, 2018

@rjadams72 - I so feel for you. I know how frustrating this has to be. I was trying to offer an Avenue that may show some progress. I hope you get your VIN and then your car SOON.

podvisot | May 30, 2018

Someone of you will be happy. Soon. I configured 4/18 got a call that car is ready on 5/25 , got VIN with car ready for delivery yesterday. For a reason I could not foresee on 4/18 I had to ask Tesla to PUSH ME OUT 4-6 weeks.

Fremont Delivery

So Red, Aero, PUP,no EAP will go someone else. SAD!

rjadams72 | May 30, 2018

Sorry to hear podvisot, hopefully everything is ok in your life. Whatever the reason, its on your terms so hopefully you'll be ready sooner than you thought.

dave.m.mcdonough | May 31, 2018

Hell is only a matter of perspective.

Neumann | May 31, 2018

Called again and got zero help. The agent on the phone was borderline being an ass. The customer service experience has been less than stellar. I think the only thing to do is unplug for a week and not look at these forums. All it does is get me more upset. I’ll check back in if we get any contact from Tesla and hope everyone gets their cars on time and has a good experience.

finman100 | May 31, 2018

GM is waiting for u all...

swieser80 | May 31, 2018

Of course the customer service agent was an ass, you're calling him about something he obviously has no control over. They're not going to speed up your delivery just because you called them on the phone and yelled at them. It's not like he has a magic "Assign VIN" button on his screen, just waiting for people to call him and say the magic words to get instant delivery.

Leave them alone so that they have time to talk to people that have legitimate problems to be solved.

ki6spm | May 31, 2018

My Fremont delivery was scheduled for last Sunday. On Sat night I received a call that there was a problem with the charge port and my Sunday delivery was cancelled. They promised a call back with status on Monday (didn't happen). On Tuesday I sent an email asking for status. I received reply that I would hear "shortly" (didn't happen). Wed I called DS and left VM asking for status (haven't heard back). Thursday I'm sharing my experience on the forum. I'm amiable to a delay, but come on Tesla. Meet your commitments.

Ordered pre-reveal. Config 4-18. VIN 23xxx

jefjes | May 31, 2018

I've waited this long and don't mind waiting as long as it takes to get my car but there is another issue that concerns me on the timing of this delay. In the Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement that I received when I configured it states "If you are picking up your Vehicle in a state where we are licensed to sell the Vehicle, we will notify you of when we expect your Vehicle to be ready for delivery at your local Tesla Delivery Center, or other location as we may agree to. You agree to schedule and take delivery of your Vehicle within one week of this date. If you are unable to take delivery within the specified period, your Vehicle may be made available for sale to other customers.". That one week is the problem for those of us that may have family travel plans when kids are out of school and can't wait an undetermined time forever while Tesla is trying to get us our car. I got the email that says "we now expect your car to be ready in June" but that doesn't help me plan my trip for the one-month duration 3000 miles from home that I have to take before August. If the car is in my possession in June, I will have no problem, but if it extends into July, big problem as there will be no way I can take delivery while being that far from home. I've set a date for leaving on our trip no later than July 5th to make it back in time for my granddaughter to be back in school. No car by then with or without a VIN will put me in the "If you are unable to take delivery within the specified period" category and the "your Vehicle may be made available for sale to other customers." part could kick in. What that means to me getting my car this century is still a mystery. Patience can only be exercised while I'm still alive and I may die of old age before seeing my car sitting in my garage thus Hell may not be too strong of a term to express what some of us are feeling.

Neumann | May 31, 2018

@ swieser80, yes I agree with you, however I wasn't mean to the agent and even told him that I empathize with him as there is nothing he can do. I asked if there was any explanation to the communication I have received via phone as it is different every time. At week 5 when I called to see if adding EAP messed with my config date, they said "you should get a VIN in a couple days". Then at week 6 when I called they said "We don't know when you will get a VIN and your car is still being built as it takes 6 weeks to build the car and they starting building it on April 18th". Then at the end of week 6 they said "We have no idea when you will get a VIN". Then this time he said "Maybe in a week, for sure 2 weeks". Good customer service means consistent messaging. I think these ISA's are trying their best. Many of them have been amazingly awesome.

gerald | June 1, 2018

Question to others still waiting:

* Did you change your configuration? If so, when?
* What browser (Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome, etc) did you use to place your order?
* How did you pay for your order (Apple Pay, etc)?
* What payment method did you use?

You might be interested in knowing that in the 4/18 thread, there's someone who both reserved and configured after me for the same configuration and pick-up location, who has already received a VIN. The only difference appears to be that I added EAP/FSD a few days later.

CST | June 1, 2018

*Credit Card
* see above
Config 4/23, so I'm a few days behind you guys that jumped on the 4/18 e-mail, but still no VIN.

gerald | June 1, 2018

Sorry for the confusion. The second question about the payment method is whether you chose Tesla lending/external lending/cash.

Centbozo | June 1, 2018

To all people who got letter delaying to June/July, you should pat yourself in the back because you’re all heroes. Because of your sacrifice ( not your choice or my choice ), we will have extra quarter of $7500 tax credit for everyone else behind you.
I am in the same situation, configured on 4/18, if the normal 3-6 weeks delivery, I would get it before 5/31, which is the last day of sale tax exempt in WA. As the result, I got letter delaying to July and costing me extra ~ 3000 dollars in sale tax. It sucks, but what can I do. Nothing :). My situation is worse than your. So smile and wait a bit longer. Beginning in July, delivery will be like hell broke loose.

xad | June 1, 2018

@phattha -- thank you for the positive attitude!

ReD eXiLe ms us | June 1, 2018

When people have said, "You cain't always get what you want..." to me, it always seemed they meant, "You ain't never gone git what you want, so accept it and shut up."

Likewise, when they say, "You can't start at the top, you have to pay your dues first..." it always seems they don't believe the dues I have already paid were of any consequence and that I will never make a significant enough contribution to impress them in the slightest.

Sometimes it seems that those who love you the most are the single biggest barrier to your moving forward with your dreams, because they don't share your aspirations or feel the drive of your ambition, they just want to 'save' you from the disappointment of failure, which is their only outlook on your future if you don't choose to look at life in a 'more pragmatic, more realistic' fashion.

People never seem to realize when their 'good advice' doesn't apply.

Never give up! Never surrender!

Neumann | June 8, 2018

Edit Design link has disappeared and all boxes have green check marks. Delivery Profile is complete. Now we wait and see what happens. Fingers crossed.

4/15 Configure
MSM, 19, EAP
Bay Area, CA

daver6640 | June 8, 2018

Lol love the title. What a crappy wait after configuration. This April group is taking it on the chin compared to most. July is almost here....almost there

I configured on 4/30 and also picking up in Fremont.

Neumann | June 11, 2018

Finally! I got a VIN today and delivery is scheduled for Saturday the 16th.

VIN: 242xx

4/15 Config
6/11 VIN 242xx
6/16 Scheduled Delivery - Fremont, CA
MSM, EAP, 19"

CST | June 11, 2018

@Neumann - glad for you. Same config, no VIN. But I'm 8 days behind in config dates.

Thrillion | September 5, 2018

No VIN at 70 days (10 weeks), No Contact from Tesla.
Order Progression at Step 1
Last car I ordered was a GM (high demand car), 1 month from order to delivery.

Worst car buying experience EVER!

If Tesla fails, it won't be because of there cars, it will be logistics and service.